out this one???????

  shauny36 17:36 25 Apr 2006

have got a laptop and 3 other computers.everyone was working ok and connecting to the internet then out of the blue they all stopped working.
i can get a connection BUT no web pages.

the strange thing is that if i take my laptop to my friends house in the next street and plug it straight into his bt socket it connects AND gets the web pages but as soon as i plug it back into my bt socket CANNOT FIND SERVER but is connected.

have phoned tiscali tech about 6 times and they have tried every possible solution and even told me that it was my computers and needed to be looked at.
i explained that i have tried 3 different computers and they all do the same,and that laptop works in the next street.

now they have turned round and said it might be a tiscali problem.
have had a bt engineer out just before this and the line and the socket are fine and the filter.

have been offline for about 5 weeks and it has cost about £15 on calls.
have told them that i have had 3 computers to the computer shop and all are ok.

they say they are taking it further and will contact me within 24 hours which is now up.


  Jackcoms 17:39 25 Apr 2006

"will contact me within 24 hours which is now up"

Phone them again

  Stuartli 17:45 25 Apr 2006

Visit the Tiscali Broadband Support forum and request that one of the moderators (who are either support staff or can raise the issue) look into your problem.

  shauny36 17:56 25 Apr 2006

do you think i will be compensated for phone calls etc
or what should i ask for in way of compensation.

  LinH 18:36 25 Apr 2006


I have exactly this problem with my two dektops and one laptop. They are networked (two wired and one wireless)via a Belkin modem/router and worked fine until a few weeks ago when suddenly they went pear shaped. Like you I could get a connection but no internet access.

Acting on a hunch I pulled out my old Sagem ADSL modem from the loft, and lo and behold, it worked perfectly. So, from this I assume that the modem/router is the guilty party and am in the process of having it replaced by virtue of the Belkin lifetime quarantee.

I can't confirm this is the answer yet because I have yet to receive the new one, but it may give you some pointers.

Hope this has been of help.



  shauny36 10:13 29 Apr 2006

i was using the bekkin router at the time when it went off so i switched to the sagem it worked for about a day or two then nothing with the sagem. have uninstalled and reinstalled, still the same. my laptop and sagem modem work perfect when plugged into my friends bt socket.

have still had no joy with tiscali.
4 times they have promised to phone me back within 24 hours still not 1 call.the problem has been passed onto BT via tiscali and they said it should be resolved within 48 hours that was 3 days ago and still nothing.

  bruno 11:48 29 Apr 2006

Were you accessing Tiscali from your friend's connection?If you were then it points to the fault being at your end.If all your computers are down you need to find the common factor,which narrows down to the BT terminal or your router.I had a difficult to find fault on my connection a couple of years ago and it turned out to be the box outside my window was allowing dampness onto the connections.It was 34 years old and when BT relaced it my signal strnght increased and I have had perfect conections ever since.It took two BT engineers' visits to sort it and the second one used his lap top to measure the signal strength at the input terminal inside the house.As soon as he changed the box there was an immediate improvement.You have to get your ISP to initiate the visit or you may be charged direct,I was quoted at the time £65 an hour.Best of luck trying to get sense from Tiscali,I had 4 months of that over a £70 overcharge on my bill.Changed to Metronet and have not had a seconds bother since.

  shauny36 17:17 02 May 2006

all i did was plug MY adsl filter directly into his bt socket with my laptop and it worked perfect, but when i do exactly the same in my bt socket it connects and thats all. tiscali have initiated bt to try and resolve the matter.i think i will get what i paid for phone calls back of tiscali and am trying to get what it cost me to get the computers looked at.

i think it will take a while to get sorted out.
they say bt normally get it fixed within 48 hrs, that leaves about 15 hours left and still no joy upto now.

any more advice is much appriciated

  shauny36 10:10 20 May 2006

who should i complain to.(AT TISCALI)

tiscali have now said it is a error on there side.something to do with a virtual server or connection, but after 6 weeks and over 20 phone calls i am still not able to get on the internet.
i have spoken to technical supervisors who on more than one acastion promised to phone me back personally and let me know what is happening but as usually no phone call.

am now looking for compensention but am not sure what to ask for as i have made over 20 phone calls,had 3 computers looked at which cost me nearly a £100 via there advice, had to travel to and from my library to use the internet for a hour at a time and also take my partner to college so she can do her college work via the internet and the kids have had to do without the internet aswell.


  johnnyrocker 10:21 20 May 2006

contact the regulator OFTEL as your issue is way outside standard waiting times, maybe even threaten tiscali with disconnection?


  shauny36 10:42 20 May 2006

thanks johnny

will contact them on monday.

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