Mystery tilde file appearing on desktop?

  Roadgiant 22:24 31 May 2003

Every so often a file seems to mysteriously appear on my desktop,the file is 220kb in size with a description of  (a tilde mark I think it is called.
It seems to appear usually when the pc has been left unattended for a while and the monitor is woken from standby.
Has anyone any idea what is causing this and if I need to prevent it? At the moment all I do is delete it.
Thanks in advance for any advice

  powerless 22:26 31 May 2003

Yes, it has been mentioned on here before - Its (so we think) to do with the Windows address book.

If you right click and choose open with... choose Notepad and might see email addressses.

Also i had this file appear (again) 20 mins ago. But i zapped it ;-)

  powerless 22:27 31 May 2003

~ tilde

  Roadgiant 23:08 31 May 2003

Thanks for the prompt reply

  powerless 09:12 01 Jun 2003


I get one on the desktop and also that folder.

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