Mystery blue screen

  mark3986 13:02 15 Aug 2011

Hi ive brought a new computer installed W7 on it and everything else that was in the the box eg graphics.(2weeks ago) last night i was on it browsing the internet and next minute the computer goes off and re starts with my starting windows half missing on the screen then it went to a screen with loads of o on it and then a blue screen how can i fix it please

  gengiscant 13:06 15 Aug 2011

Contact the seller of the PC as you have only had it 2 weeks then they are your first port of call.

  mark3986 13:32 15 Aug 2011

isnt there anyway i can fix it myself tho

  lotvic 14:08 15 Aug 2011

What happens/shows on monitor now when you switch the pc off and then reboot (switch it back on again) ? It should do the blue page scrolling with lots of text thing and then eventually give you some options to click on

What make and model is the pc?

Where did you buy the pc from (is it brand new or just new to you (secondhand/refurbished etc) I ask because it is unusual for W7 to not have been already installed when you got pc.

Have you checked that all the wires, cables, motherboard components are firmly plugged in and not loose? (Inside tower case as well as outside) Unplug from mains before you check these or you could ruin the pc and get a shock.

Are all the fans working?

  gengiscant 15:26 15 Aug 2011

If the PC is new the he will likely invalidate his warranty by opening the case. But as you rightfully point out 'lotvic' it is unusual for Windows 7 not to be installed prior to delivery.

AS for fixing it yourself, the forum will need a bit more information.

Does the PC boot at all?

What is the Blue screen error code? usually ?x????????? question marks will be numbers or letters.

  Woolwell 15:32 15 Aug 2011

Is this a bare bones assembly? It is unusual to install graphics on a new system.

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