Mysterious scrolling problem

  Southernboy 10:35 18 Jul 2006


Evesham Computer purchased March 2005. This computer never connected to the internet. Programs installed at time of purchase:-

Lotus SS Millenium Edition 9.7
MS Money 2000

Both compatible with XP SP2, and worked perfectly ever since. Nothing has been added/installed since then and no third party discs inserted. In other words, the PC is totally clean.

Last Saturday, a problem became evident. It started when I tried to print documents, the selected printer kept scrolling down from the default printer to the fax, the only two printers installed. Try as I could, I could not get it to select the default printer long enough to print the documents.

Next, using MS Money to enter some transactions, I noticed that, wherever there were scroll arrows on the right hand side, the screen kept scrolling up and down of its own accord.

Moving to Lotus, the same effect happened. It also happened in Windows Explorer.

I am at a loss to understand what could have happened. I have changed nothing.

On this PC, is intstalled Etrust Anti-Virus which came bundled with the PC. For obvious reasons, I have never used it and it has never interfered with anything (computer has worked for all of its 14-month life) so I thought I would just run it. To my surprise, it listed 26 files all shown as OPEN ERROR, but no suggestion of any infection. One file shown as ENCRYPTED FILE. I have no idea what all this means.

I know there have often been entries in EVENTVWR that I don't understand, but they have never seemed to interfere with the operation of the computer.

Can anyone offer any thoughts on this, please?

  rezeeg 10:49 18 Jul 2006

Have you checked that the mouse is clean, or if you have a wireless mouse that the battery is OK?

  ventanas 11:53 18 Jul 2006

Interesting this, because I've just had an identical problem - cursor scrolling all by itself - everywhere. Up and down the Start menu, and whatever window I had open. It was a laptop so at first I blamed the touchpad, and connected a mouse. That didn't work and in the end I gave up and wiped it. So far it hasn't come back. (Probably kiss of death saying that). I'm convinced it had picked something up though, but what I have no idea. It had been used almost totally on a site that contained a heck of a lot of photos, linked from the likes of Image Shack. And there have been problems there. The site inb question is now barred.

  Southernboy 13:50 18 Jul 2006

As it happens, it stopped working last Friday so I inserted new batteries and it started working again.

I thought nothing of it as it had been running on the original batteries for the last 14 months, which I thought was a pretty fair life.

  wee eddie 15:19 18 Jul 2006

Did you put the new batteries in when the PC was turned on?

If so it might be an idea to reinstall the Mouse's drivers.

  rezeeg 15:50 18 Jul 2006

I think wee eddie may have a point there. I had a similar scrolling problem which continued until I updated the laptop wireless mouse drivers.

  Southernboy 16:38 18 Jul 2006

the batteries while the PC was on.

I don't recall that the MS Mouse came with drivers - I'll have to check.

I'll get back on this one.

  ade.h 16:49 18 Jul 2006

Even MS mice need drivers - but, of course, they are included in the OS (XP/Vista). The only slight downside to that is that you won't have the latest revision until you either run Windows Update set to Custom and get offered one, or look for one yourself. I've never known that to be a problem, though, because MS drivers are almost always okay.

  VoG II 17:05 18 Jul 2006

MS mouse drivers click here

(Fits all MS mice - you enter your model of mouse when prompted.)

  Southernboy 19:36 18 Jul 2006

No internet connection.

  Southernboy 19:39 18 Jul 2006

be on the Evesham recovery Disc?

As a matter of interest, how could changing the batteries while the PC is switched on affect the Mouse drivers? I am sorry, but I am confused about this.

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