mysterious pc boot!

  CodenameCueball 10:47 02 Apr 2007

most nights i put my pc into sleep mode as it takes ages to boot. this morning my pc just started up while I was still sleeping. anyone know why this is???????,

i like my name

  Air_Man 12:36 02 Apr 2007

Sounds like you may have "wake on LAN" enabled in the BIOS. Have a look and if so, try disabling it.

It just means that the computer can be made to "wake up" or come out of sleep mode by a command on a network - e.g. the web or home network.

  CodenameCueball 19:27 02 Apr 2007

good idea. but who would send a command during the night

  skidzy 20:35 02 Apr 2007

Run your Antivirus and Antispyware programs !

Have you disabled Wake on Lan in the bios as Air_man advised ?

  skidzy 20:36 02 Apr 2007

Just to add,it may well be you have the timing of your MS updates configured to download at the time it started...bit of a shot in the dark though.

  Legolas 20:41 02 Apr 2007

Could have been an electrical spike that triggered it.

  CodenameCueball 20:44 02 Apr 2007

nice ideas.
went throught all of the bios and didnt find "wake on lan" il check my updates
to be coniuned....

  CodenameCueball 20:45 02 Apr 2007

nope set to 3pm. any more ideas?

  CodenameCueball 20:51 02 Apr 2007

no spikes. or my other pc would have blown up or something like that.

  CodenameCueball 20:51 02 Apr 2007

anti-virus you say...

  skidzy 20:52 02 Apr 2007

Run your AV and antispyware programs,i would be looking for any trojan dialers that you may have downloaded or came bundled with some rougue software... assuming your AV missed it (if im correct).

Also run this to check for any unwanted Internet connections click here i may be barking up the wrong tree,but best to be safe than sorry.
Though Legolas may have the answer also.

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