Mysterious patches copied into text

  SparkyJack 08:54 10 Feb 2012

From time to time whilst typing a piece of text- a chunk of what has been typed will appear pasted in entirely the wrong place in previously entered text - thus spoiling the whole meaning of the piece. Most times I spot it and get rid- some times however it seems to happen as the item is completed. To exemplify what I mean see my posting on the

'Are you old enough to remember' thread page 4 in Speakers corner.

Here my last paragraph relating to the antics of a child seems to have got itself into caps and pasted into the beginning of the piece.

I have no recollection of typing this section and knocking on caps key in error and then deleting it and knocking off the caps key which could possibly account for this-

So any ideas how lumps of text get copied and pasted where they did not aughta be?

  Diemmess 09:52 10 Feb 2012

As the one who started that particular thread I did rather wonder and even went back to the error and tried to imagine where it went wrong.

No way sneering, but I think this was self-inflicted. I have several times over the past years rushed to post where I didn't check thoroughly enough before doing that.

The extra print preview panel we have these days can add to the confusion. The cursor gets unwittingly moved all over the place. The capslock on my cheapo keyboard is liable to be tripped when typing "a" or more often using the left shift key.

It is easy to plonk the cursor in the wrong place or drag the text while trying to play with the words.

Sorry, I think this is just one of snags of two fingered typing by someone having a senior moment, I am a founder member of that club.

  SparkyJack 10:46 10 Feb 2012

I appreciate that what ever the phenomenon is it is of my doing- no doubt there and yes it is easy to 'knock' the caps key when at that end of the keyboard- no doubt there- done it lots of times.

But the error getting its self pasted into the text is the real puzzlement.

Ignoring the caps key bit- other times odd words, sentences even,seem to 'copy themselves' here and there- some times several times- so a careful look over is always the rule for me- though some times I do get caught out - seemingly.

  lotvic 12:58 10 Feb 2012

SparkyJack, What op sys are you using and browser? it may have something to do with it.

  lotvic 13:22 10 Feb 2012

If it's Ubuntu, I found this (but not sure what it means...)

"Just an explanation: you do know you effectively get two clipboards out the box? There's the traditional Control+C, Control+V clipboard but there's also something called "primary selection". Select some text and then middle click where you want it pasted. I find this very useful for quick, precise, multiple pasting."

  peter99co 13:41 10 Feb 2012

I find this happens on a cheap Netbook running Linux.

I only spot it when I look up from the Keyboard and there it is.

  SparkyJack 16:59 10 Feb 2012

Thank you Lotvic

The system is as you surmised or recalled is in fact Ubuntu 10.10

That seems to be a perfectly logical explanation.

I shall have to do some 'Deep' testing to see what happens

The mouse is a 'Wheel' mouse with a scroll wheel in the centre and of course a 'Down click' as well

  SparkyJack 17:39 10 Feb 2012


The wheel is the problem I have just posted a similar piece to 3 forums by copying and pasting and yes the clicking wheel is the culprit.

One page had three pastings and took a few minutes to unscramble

  lotvic 18:43 10 Feb 2012

You'll sleep better tonight :) I know it's been bugging you for weeks :D

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