mysterious (to me) file appearing

  Yimbo 14:20 01 Aug 2013

This file has started to appear in many of my folders along with the normal content. mxfilerelatedcache.mxc2

What is it and what's it doing? Can I safely delete it - or leave it alone?

  spuds 14:30 01 Aug 2013

Just after having a quick check on Google, there appears to be a number of solutions including removals. Perhaps far to many to provide individual links. Just put "what is a mxfilerelatedcache.mxc2 file" in a Google search box, and all might be answered?.

  Woolwell 14:48 01 Aug 2013

Do you have the program Music Maker? The files seem to be associated with it.

  Woolwell 14:50 01 Aug 2013

Or Magix programs.

  Yimbo 15:40 01 Aug 2013

Thanks folks - - I've Googled the question, spuds - and there are 100's of potential answers! Yes, Woolwell, I have several Magix programs - and the consensus from the Google links seems to be that it is associated with Magix products, and may - just MAY - be a rogue file!

When I delete it from a folder, it's not long before another mxc2 file reappears to replace the deleted one!

I appreciate your help!

  Woolwell 15:51 01 Aug 2013

Music Maker 12 may be the culprit.

  Woolwell 15:53 01 Aug 2013

Apparently the file is a Magix cache file see downloadatoz

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