A mysterious folder keeps appearing

  heidelberg 16:05 02 May 2018

Hello all I have recently found a folder entitled "CPSSystemFolderDon'tErase" in my documents folder. I haven't knowingly installed it, and consequently I delete it. It then reappears, probably the same day. Inside the folder are 7 files, 2 are word(different versions), 2 are excel(different versions, 1 powerpoint, 1 Adobe Acrobat and 1 a text document. Each says at the top "Do not delete this file - It is used by Check Point's SandBlast Agent to defend your computer against zero-day and targeted threats. Learn more about Check Point's SandBlast Agent" two companies are mentioned "CheckPoint Technologies Ltd." and "Sandblast AGENT" As I say when I delete them, they reappear next day. Can anyone help?


  wee eddie 16:12 02 May 2018

What Anti virus and Security Software are you running?

CPSS gats a half-decent write up but nothing to suggest what you are experiencing

  heidelberg 16:36 02 May 2018

Hi I am using Avast free AV, Zone Alarm free (both recently started), along with Malwarebytes free and Ccleaner free (the last two I have used for some time)


  Pine Man 16:46 02 May 2018

Check Point Sandblast Agent is sometimes used by the Chrome browser.

  heidelberg 16:55 02 May 2018

Hi I have been using chrome for years and the Check Point Sandblast Agent has only started appearing since I started using Avast and Zone Alarm in the last month.


  Secret-Squirrel 16:55 02 May 2018

Inside the folder are 7 files, 2 are word(different versions), 2 are excel(different versions, 1 powerpoint, 1 Adobe Acrobat...................

That's all to do with your security software's anti-ransomware protection. It's all legitimate so stop tampering with those folders and stop worrying that there's something sinister going on.

  heidelberg 16:59 02 May 2018

Thank you all for your help, and particularly Secret Squirrel for his solution. Rest assured I will stop deleting!


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