A mysterious folder keeps appearing

  heidelberg 16:05 02 May 2018

Hello all I have recently found a folder entitled "CPSSystemFolderDon'tErase" in my documents folder. I haven't knowingly installed it, and consequently I delete it. It then reappears, probably the same day. Inside the folder are 7 files, 2 are word(different versions), 2 are excel(different versions, 1 powerpoint, 1 Adobe Acrobat and 1 a text document. Each says at the top "Do not delete this file - It is used by Check Point's SandBlast Agent to defend your computer against zero-day and targeted threats. Learn more about Check Point's SandBlast Agent" two companies are mentioned "CheckPoint Technologies Ltd." and "Sandblast AGENT" As I say when I delete them, they reappear next day. Can anyone help?


  wee eddie 16:12 02 May 2018

What Anti virus and Security Software are you running?

CPSS gats a half-decent write up but nothing to suggest what you are experiencing

  heidelberg 16:36 02 May 2018

Hi I am using Avast free AV, Zone Alarm free (both recently started), along with Malwarebytes free and Ccleaner free (the last two I have used for some time)


  Pine Man 16:46 02 May 2018

Check Point Sandblast Agent is sometimes used by the Chrome browser.

  heidelberg 16:55 02 May 2018

Hi I have been using chrome for years and the Check Point Sandblast Agent has only started appearing since I started using Avast and Zone Alarm in the last month.


  Secret-Squirrel 16:55 02 May 2018

Inside the folder are 7 files, 2 are word(different versions), 2 are excel(different versions, 1 powerpoint, 1 Adobe Acrobat...................

That's all to do with your security software's anti-ransomware protection. It's all legitimate so stop tampering with those folders and stop worrying that there's something sinister going on.

  heidelberg 16:59 02 May 2018

Thank you all for your help, and particularly Secret Squirrel for his solution. Rest assured I will stop deleting!


  EH172 02:34 09 Jun 2018


I have the same problem. I did not knowingly install any checkpoint software except ZoneAlarm, but now the My Documents Folder is full of the folders and files as described by the OP. Each day there are more. I have approx 2000 folders. I want it to stop!!. Please help

  heidelberg 15:38 23 Jul 2018

I am still getting these folders everyday, anything between 3 and 7 of them. I am not sure where they are downloaded to on the computer, but they do all end up on google photos. Is there any way I can either change the download location on the computer, or prevent them being uploaded to google photos?


  Wal Forester 20:57 23 Jul 2018

I downloaded 8.9 Gigs from the internet and ZoneAlarm added 89 gigs of SandBlast backups. That's what's glogging your hard drive. It may not be sinister but it is a bit more than rediculous.

  SandBalstMonster 15:55 18 Oct 2018

This stupid SandBlastBackup folder comes automatically when you install ZoneAlarm. On my computer it blew itself up to 100 GB until my windows partition was completle full and windows stopped working.

I haven't found a way to stop this unwanted malware - only uninstalling zonealarm works.

Has anyone a clue how to deactivate that sandblast shit? Otherwise I have to kick ZoneAlarm...

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