MySQL Hosting slow...

  Gaz 25 19:08 16 Jul 2004

I am running an Invision board on my network - and PHP.ini has been looked at and modifed for best performance.

However for some reason the forum is still slow.

Its like a connection wait before the page loads - the page loading is very speedy, but not the connection if you get what mean.

Basically if I visit from another PC it says Opening page.... for about 8 sec's then the content loads.

Server is *nix - linux.

Client is XP pro. No problem on html pages on same server.

  Taran 20:02 16 Jul 2004

Version of PHP ?

Version of MySQL ?

Version of Apache ?

Does this delay appear in all browsers ?

Have you checked your server logs ?

  Taran 20:08 16 Jul 2004

I meant to add:

Version and distribution of Linux ?

Do you have error_log turned on in PHP - if so, see if anything is logged.

Have you checked your MySQL error log ?

Finally, there are so many possible causes it is almost impossible to pin down without access to the system or network, or without knowing everything that is installed, running and the tweaks that have been applied.

You say that your php.ini file is heavily modified. You could find that one of your mods is directly responsible for the problem.

  Gaz 25 22:36 16 Jul 2004

Here is the info:

Running RedHat9

Latest Apache build, version 2.

PHP 4.3.8

I have used both php.ini-recommended php.ini-default and my php.ini-mod

None change the PHP speed - but do change my security levels.

I have also installed on another system KF webserver, MySQL 4.20a-opt and PHP 4.3.8 and the same occurs - even with default settings. That is a windows server.

There is no issue with the network I don't think becuase even localhost/forum is slow.

Error logging is turned on and no errors display, and no slow quries.

Happens in both IE and Opera - not checked others.

Using default Invision 1.3 installtion - I have reinstalled twice and optimised the hard drive, and the MYSQL tables. Also reinstalled php and Mysql.

Trie PHP 5, but broke some of my applications running via PHP.

Hope it is enough to give some pointers. If not then I can probably send you some logs and the webaddress - which you can ask for via PM.


  Gaz 25 17:47 22 Aug 2004


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