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  gazenium 23:46 31 May 2006

HI there

First timer user here so forgive me if this is illegible.
I am looking into creating a database for a website(click here) and am unsure on which way to go to progress the site. (This site is being completely revamped)
I am after creating a function where the customer can select the relevent item (eg Business card) and choose whether it be in black and white, colour, on A4/A5 etc.
I have good knowledge of Dreamweaver etc. but have been told that MySQL may be the way ahead.

Please does anyone have any advice or suggestions. Ideally I simple route that I can replicate throughout the site.
(Also my next quesiton will be how do i use MySQL)

Kind Regards


  harristweed 07:42 01 Jun 2006

It depends how complicated you are going to make the site. If it is going top be an 'online purchase' then you certainly will need a database driven site. Which means mysql and PHP. If however you just want to give prices for items as now, you could just calculate the prices from stored variables.

  gazenium 18:23 01 Jun 2006

Hmm well i'm thinking I will want to go over to e-commerce in the long run but for now I would like to just be able to put in variable prices(similar functions to click here but not in Flash yuck) but once again I am unsure of how to create variables. Thanks for any help that can be given.
I am playing with MySQL right now. Getting there :D

  gazenium 18:24 01 Jun 2006

PLease look under the Price page on that link.

  harristweed 07:44 02 Jun 2006

To have variables, I assume you mean to calculate for different amounts of printing and colour or black and white.

OK. Stage One.

A form with the products and a selector for the options.

Business card one name
Business card two names etc.

Selector for:
500 etc

Selector for:
Colour or BW

Stage Two
The form passes this information to a prices page.

The prices page stores a variable for each product in colour. A factor for each quantity and an adjustment for BW

For example a request is received for 250 one name BW

The base price for 100 is say €20.
250 is twice as expensive so the factor is 2
Black and white is less 15%
Add VAT 17.5€

So the calculation is 20 * 2 * .85 * 1.175


  gazenium 08:32 02 Jun 2006

OK thats brilliant, so i just use a calculaiton like that within the code of the page to pull up the relevent data?
So do i roughly need:-
Select B&W where AMOUNT 250.

But as I say I am a rank amature at the moment and this is a new concept to me.

  harristweed 13:54 02 Jun 2006

Going out now, i'll do a quick example over the weekend!

  gazenium 17:24 02 Jun 2006

Harristweed you are and a Gentlemen and a scholar this is really appreciated.

  slightlymad 17:29 02 Jun 2006

Hi, harristweed, Marie here! You've helped me in the past and I'm glad to see that you've jumped in on this one. Let me explain why...

The website in question is one that I've persuaded the the owner to let me 'revamp'. He is less interested in its appearance than its functionality - the site needs to incorporate an automated quotation system, much like the site that Gaz pointed to, above. A LOT like it, in fact - he keeps saying "it's got to do what fullcolour does".

This brief is way beyond my scope, so I've asked Gaz to collaborate with me - I do the arty stuff and he does the technical stuff.

Ideally, we would like to allow room for expansion, should the site owner decide on online shopping facilites in the future.

As you suggest, the way to go would be with MySql and PHP, but PHP is unknown territory for Gaz. So I'm going to add a quandary to the current equation - stick with the immediate brief or invest in software that allows room for expansion? If so, do you have any recommendations?

Your 'quick example' would be much appreciated, by the way. Thank you!

  harristweed 08:39 03 Jun 2006

click here

If you want the code, email me!

p.s.I quite like the flash version!

  slightlymad 09:43 03 Jun 2006

I actually understand all of that! I'm familiar with mail forms (this actually looks easier than a mail form) and CSS, but not with PHP.

But your explanation above was very clear, and I assume that if you send me the PHP file, we can add all the variables.

Thank you so much for the trouble you've taken, harristweed - you even added a stylesheet, which must have added to your time.

We'll work on your demo, and see if Print Boss likes it. But I have my doubts, I'm afraid to say... he's very keen on the price page, and I'm pretty sure that he'd like to see a 'price-in-a-click' function.

Do you know of any software that would achieve this?


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