Mysearchdial and XP password lockout

  Redcosh 16:38 26 Nov 2013

I've recently responded to an offer to update google chrome and now find I'm locked into "mysearchdial" whenever I try to go on the web(using I.E. vers 7) and F-Secure (my protection)warns me not to enter the site whatever I put in. Now after switching off and back on again windows persists in showing my user logo and asking for a password. I have never set one. I've been into setup and ensured that both the User and Administrator passwords are set to clear--I've even set them to something --but I cannot get windows to accept either the passwords I set or no password. I've searched the forum and found:-XP Lockout October 3 2006 where Rodriguez offers a CD version of a program to fix the password problem. Is this still available and can one be sent to me? or is there another solution one knows of?

The laptop in trouble is a Compaq Pressario 2500 with XPHome SP3. I'd appreciate any help thank you.

  lotvic 17:10 26 Nov 2013

Try a System Restore from Command prompt to an earlier date, prior to your updating google chrome click here

  Redcosh 17:24 26 Nov 2013

Thank you for your interest Iotvic but I did do a system restore to a date prior to updating Goole but this did not rid me of the mysearchdial problem. However now due to the password problem I can not get into windows to anything

  lotvic 17:48 26 Nov 2013

See if this will let you in so you can access and alter your User Account details, Login to the Hidden Administrator Account click here and with screenshots click here

  lotvic 18:07 26 Nov 2013

mysearchdial problem, you have to reset your browsers homepages as well, follow the guide on click here (any programs/tools suggested to use are completely free)

  Redcosh 18:19 26 Nov 2013

Thank you again Iotvic. I did as you said -cntrl alt del and got the "logon to windows" panel then entered the name "Admin" and left the password blank then pressed Ok but then got the following Logon Message " The system could not log you on. Make sure your User name and domainare correct, then type your password again. Letters in passwords must be typed using the correct case."

  lotvic 18:24 26 Nov 2013

Try typing full word: Administrator and leave the password field blank

  Redcosh 18:34 26 Nov 2013

I have just tried typing in the full word "Administrator" but this time got the message "Unable to log you on because of an account restriction"

  Redcosh 19:11 26 Nov 2013

Thanks for you info Jock1e but how do I get into safe mode? I've tried Del on startup and F8 and F9 but I'cant get it. Do you know which is the way on my Pressario?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:29 26 Nov 2013

Windows2k/XP Try this:

1- boot to the windows xp/2000 CD ,

2- press enter to start setup ,

3- press F8 for the license agreement ,

4- when you get the option to repair the current installation press R to do so ,

5- let it run through and for windows XP wait until it reboots and is installing, devices then

press shift F10 to open a command prompt. For windows 2000 wait until it is registering

components then press shift F10 to open a command prompt. ,

6- In windows XP either type in "nusrmgr.cpl" w/o quotation marks at the command prompt and press enter. For windows 2000 type in "control.exe" w/o quotation marks and press enter. This should open up the user accounts applet in XP and the regular control panel in 2000. ,

7- select the users and change or remove their passwords accordingly, apply settings and close the control panel windows and command prompt windows so that just setup is running again. ,

8- let the inplace upgrade finish.

The user should now be able to log in when it finishes and not have to reinstall the programs like in a parallel install.

  Redcosh 19:42 26 Nov 2013

Hello Jock1e I have, with repeated attempts, got F8 to function and allow me to request Safe mode but this still comes up with wanting an administrator password and I get the same messages as earlier.

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