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My yahoo email account has been hacked!

  K*B 07:08 21 Dec 2014

Friends, my yahoo email account has been hacked. As a result all emails posted to my yahoo address do not reach my yahoo inbox. The last yahoo email I received is dated 17 December 2014. I confirmed this by sending an email from a gmail account to my yahoo address this morning and it has still not been received in my yahoo inbox. Can someone help me out of this? How can this be fixed? Is there something I can do to restore my yahoo account? When it got hacked sometime last week, the first thing I did was to change my password. So I'm able to log into my yahoo account using a new password, but it appears no emails are coming through any more. Please help. Thanks in advance.

  K*B 14:27 25 Jan 2015

Hello Peter, thanks for response. The link you've given me leads me to reset my password, but I already changed my password soon after the attack. It was after changing the password that I stopped receiving any further emails on my Yahoo account. I can access the account using my new password, I can send emails which are received by the recepients, but I don't received emails sent to me using that same account. Are you sure that following the link above will help me to receive emails and therefore have my problem solved? Thanks in advance.

  K*B 14:33 25 Jan 2015

Exactly. No emails are received in my Yahoo Webmail Inbox when I log in to my Yahoo Webmail via my browser. I hope you've fully understood me now. Thanks in advance. Sorry for posting the same thread 3 times. Big mistake.

  K*B 12:48 26 Jan 2015

lotvic, my last thread is a response to your enquiry. Please respond too. Thanks in advance.

  Peter 19:10 26 Jan 2015


I've checked through the Help (Settings (Cog Wheel - Top Right Hand Corner of window), Help option) and eventually found the following link which should allow you to send an email to Yahoo about your problem.

The link mentions "Mail App for Windows 8", but I imagine it should work with other versions of Windows. Once you get a response from Yahoo you should be able to explain your problem fully.

Yahoo email Help


1: "Yahoo email Helpquot;"

  K*B 07:46 27 Jan 2015

Thanks Peter. I'll use the link and let you know how it went. Thanks again.

  K*B 15:16 29 Jan 2015

Hey! Peter, thanks a lot mate. I managed to get my Yahoo account to receive emails again. Bottom line: I can now send and receive emails using my Yahoo acount. I didn't have to write to Yahoo though. I navigated to this link - click here from the link you gave me, found a "Not receiving emails" link which directed me to "Settings" in Yahoo. I clicked on "Account" and discovered that my account has been set to forward all my mails to another account. That's why i stopped receiving mails in my yahoo inbox. I disabled "Fowarding" and cleared the "Reply-to Address" which is meant to be blank and finally clicked on "Save". To test I sent an email from another account to my Yahoo address and VOILA!!! it was right there in the inbox! Again, thanks for guidance.

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