My xp2000 is only showing as 1.24ghz?

  STEVE71163 11:23 02 Aug 2003

I have just changed my memmory this morning and since i have changed it the proccessor is only showing as 1.24 ghz so i know i need to change the clock speed but what to and also i cant see anything in the bios to change?

  Gaz 25 11:31 02 Aug 2003

If it is not in the BIOS, it will be a switch, jumper/multiplier.

What mobo is it?

  STEVE71163 11:36 02 Aug 2003

Hi Its a ECS K7S6A. I did do it from the bios before but i just cant remember how?

  ardvarc 12:16 02 Aug 2003

In Frequency/Voltage Control set the CPU to 133.

  STEVE71163 12:27 02 Aug 2003

That is what i thought but their is nothing their with bus speed?

  Kudu 13:05 02 Aug 2003

CPU frequency 133MHz = half bus speed of 266MHz

  STEVE71163 13:05 02 Aug 2003

Many thanks. Found it!

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