My work being ripped off.

  wolfie3000 02:01 15 Aug 2006

Just noticed that someone has ripped off one of my videos and saying he made it and put it on

I am a little upset about this is there anything i can do?


click here

Ripped off,

click here

I am livid.

  Meshuga 03:37 15 Aug 2006

Apart from sueing them for breach of copyright, which you would have to prove, I wouldn`t think theres much else you could do, especially if the perpetrator lives on the other side of the world.

  wolfie3000 03:40 15 Aug 2006

Well i guessed that i couldnt take legal action,
Just really annoying having someone else taking credit for my work.

Iv informed youtube about it and i hope they remove it.

Dont get me wrong though i am more than happy for people to share my work all over the net just that they dont take credit for it.

  wee eddie 10:46 15 Aug 2006

That you did not give credit to Grand Theft Auto!

Perhaps they feel much the same way!

  rodriguez 12:20 15 Aug 2006

Hehe that video's funny :-D

  johndrew 12:44 15 Aug 2006

You could make another video telling your audience of the one that has been ripped off and how you feel about the person who did it. You could also ask for an appology but not expect to get it.

Sometimes even remote embarrasment works.

  spuds 13:04 15 Aug 2006

Why as comments been disabled in youtube's site !

If your work is not 'original' and as not been copyrighted by you, then I think that you may have no claim. Grand Theft Auto may have a legal claim against you, or anyone else using their copyrights.I would say, tread very carefully on this accusation!.

Would also mention that the sound track, may also contravene certain copyrights!.

  rawprawn 16:46 15 Aug 2006

The YouTube site is down now, perhaps they are removing your work.

  ade.h 17:10 15 Aug 2006

Wolfie, can this work be traced back to you, other than the miscreant's word? If not, shop him to the makers of GTA!! LOL.

  ArrGee 17:15 15 Aug 2006

Might as well go the whole hog and talk to the original music publisher too!

  silverous 17:22 15 Aug 2006

I can see first link, but second link reports they are changing their site.

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