At my Wits End!

  xxxLouise08xxx 09:29 25 Jan 2008

Hi guys,
First time posting and have a problem with my Elonex MediaCentre (running Windows XP Pro). A couple of days ago, my pc would not get past the Windows loading screen - it would just freeze and the only way out was to turn the pc off. I tried to get to Safe Mode, again pc was freezing. After reading this site, I used another pc to download the Seagate Tools DOS cd and managed to get into safemode using that to boot and did system restore. All was working fine, but today, although I can get past the sign on screen now, I have no desktop icons, no taskbar etc. When I try CTRL, ALT, DELETE Task Manager comes up, but then completely freezes. Unfortunately, Elonex asyou know went bust and the only number I have for tech support is unavailable. The pc is still under its warranty however but pretty useless. I dont have a Winxp cdrom either.
Please help. :(

  setecio 09:36 25 Jan 2008

Sounds virusy. If it is you'll need to reinstall and will need to borrow a windows CD.

Does it have an XP sticker on the side. You might need a particular CD for it to work.

You could get someone to remove the hard drive, plug it into another machine as a slave and scan for viruses to see if it detects anything.

Are you techie or not ... you'll need to be to fix it yourself.

  Technotiger 10:04 25 Jan 2008

This is from another forum, scroll down a little and have a look at "This is quite simple"

It might just work for you.

click here

Good luck.

  xxxLouise08xxx 20:44 25 Jan 2008

Thank you both.
Strangely enough, I rebooted using the Seagate Tools disc again and it appears to be working okay now. I just left it alone for a bit, let it do all its burring and whurring and it seemed to sort itself out. Its worrying however as I now cant rely on it and dont know when its going to throw one of its tantrums again.

The pc does have an XP sticker on the side of it. Im not techie at all Im afraid, and wouldnt have a clue where to find the hard drive. What makes it worse is that because its a media centre, the OS is not seperate but is attached to the back of the monitor. I really think its best left to the experts.

Anyway, thank you for the link to the "This is quite simple" thread. Very useful advice there and I have printed it off for future reference.

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