My Wireless computer can't see LAN PC`s

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My Wireless computer can't see wired LAN Workgroup shares

I have a D-Link DIR-300 wireless router that connects with wires to a few other computers. I also have a laptop with Windows 7 running with wireless, connected to router. Inernet in laptop works fine. I can`t see the network Workgroup from the laptop however the laptop can ping all other computers. I Can`t access my file server by typing \\server, but CAN access by typing \\, can ping by IP. When I ping my server by name, name not resolved "Ping request could not find host server. Please check the name and try again." My laptop have same subnet mask, gateway, dns servers. Laptop ip No antivirus, firewall off. Workgroup name is same.

When I say I can not see the workgroup computers, I mean that when I click view workgroup computers on the laptop, the only thing there is the laptop.

I have few computers with shares, shared printers in LAN and everything works fine, only Laptop connected via wirelles can`t show workgroup compters and browse by name.

Please help!

  mgmcc 14:40 22 Feb 2010

What DNS Server addresses does the Laptop have? If the addresses allocated by DHCP are those of your ISP, try allocating fixed addresses one of which is your ISP's and the other your router's IP address, presumably

That should help with resolving names within you LAN.

  chippy+ 16:26 22 Feb 2010

hi unicalus
i have 8 pcs,1 a laptop which is wireless+ 2 wireless towers and 4 wired towers i shared them all wired and then made the ones i wanted wireless and i could see them all Chippy

Thanks for help, but I solved this problem.

In Windows 7, necessary to Join HomeGroup (not workgroup). It`s new feature in network properties.

Thanks, everything works now fine.

What you need to do, if you want to see network computers using wirelless:

1. Use same Workgroup
2. Use same IP group
3. Turn off or configure your firewalls in all computers
4. Try to turn off antivirus and antispyware software.
5. If you using Windows 7 - join Homegroup (You can find it in network properties)
6. Use same gateway and dns servers.

Thats all!

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