My windows mail window has a yellow 'error' triangle at the bottom

  Trenny 17:00 19 Dec 2012

I use windows mail for my tiscali and one-name alias messages.When I open the program I get a window asking for my 'GOONS' (Guild of One-Name Studoes)user-name. and password. As I am not sure of these I click on the cancel option and new emails appear in the normal way. Also, there is a yellow triangle error warning at the bottom. If I click on the yellow triangle I get: Account: 'GOONS', Server: '', Protocol: POP3, Server Response: '-ERR no domain specified or invalid domain specified', Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 0x800CCC90, Error Number: 0x800CCC92. How can I cure this?

  Trenny 22:29 19 Dec 2012

That is partly the trouble -I don't know my user-name or password. I have been on to the GOONS website and they say to contact talk talk. I tried talk talk, but they seem to have separated themselves from tiscali. I am trying the tiscali website, but not getting anywhere. WHY should the email work if I cancel the error notice? I'll go back to the Guild and start again tomorrow checking the new user-names and p-ws which i have gathered along the way!

  Secret-Squirrel 10:29 20 Dec 2012

" If I click on the yellow triangle I get: Account: 'GOONS', Server: '', Protocol: POP3,........."

Trenny, it looks to me like you created that mail account in error. You've given the mail account the friendly name of "GOONS" but the incoming mail server is set to the Tiscali one so that server is expecting a Tiscali username and password. You'll probably agree that doesn't sound right at all.

"WHY should the email work if I cancel the error notice?"

Because you've got more than one mail account setup. Windows Mail first tries to receive messages for the GOONS account, it fails, then moves on to your next one which does work.

If that GOONS mail account has never worked then simply delete it from the accounts' list. If you need step-by-step instructions then first confirm whether you're using Vista's "Windows Mail" or the other Microsoft e-mail client called "Windows Live Mail".

  Trenny 16:40 20 Dec 2012

Many thanks to you both. I have looked at my Tools>accounts and see just the two: GOONS, which is the default and Tiscali. The idea is that the guild redirects all my mail to my tiscali address. If I change ISPs I just have to notify the 'Guild'. It has worked OK for the last ten or more years, so why now? I'll check my goons password again. I went back to the tiscali section of talktalk, but they have an apology about their help section not working, so no help there.

  Trenny 16:41 20 Dec 2012

Thought - I may try uninstalling and reinstalling the GOONS account.

  Secret-Squirrel 17:01 20 Dec 2012

"The idea is that the guild redirects all my mail to my tiscali address."

I'm puzzled by that - why do you want all your e-mails going via GOONS? If however you mean that when they need to contact you they e-mail you, then why not give them the other Tiscali address you've got that does work. Or am I missing something here?

"I may try uninstalling and reinstalling the GOONS account"

If you mean the mail account then that's not going to work because you still don't know the e-mail address or password. Tiscali/TalkTalk, on the other hand, will, so give them a ring. They still have plenty of customers with Tiscali addresses so try again and hopefully you'll get to speak to someone sensible this time.

  Trenny 21:20 06 Mar 2013

I did sort this out in the end, but can't remember hos. I think I did it via going into the tool>properties and changing the email addresses around.

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