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My Windows 7 laptop won't connect to Internet

  laptopdunce 16:09 24 Jun 2017

for me?? the geniuses who got the files out of my faulty laptop! Since getting a new windows 10 laptop my old windows 7 laptop (which was running fine) has now stopped connecting to internet, it shows the name of the network in the network centre and a strong signal icon, but the signal icon in the taskbar is only grey and wont connect to internet, so something has happened since I installed the windows 10 laptop, even talktalk cant seem to get this fixed, but I looked on google for similar problems and this came up from one site.....If you can use Ethernet but not wifi at her house and can use wifi at yours, I would first try to go under manage wireless networks and delete her router SSID and reconnect. If that does not work then try to uninstall the wifi chip from device manager and reinstall..........So I supsoect there is something wrong with how the W7 laptop actually connects to the internet, this W7 laptop will connect with the ethernet cable (but is impractical as the W7 laptop has got my printer connected in another room, So do you think it is possible to get it working again? it was fine yesterday so it cant be another faulty laptop, my alcatel phone has just logged on to the router fine and connected straight away. Hope the geniuses can help me with this one!!! thanks laptopdunce

  laptopdunce 20:41 03 Jul 2017

OK, I am back tomorrow, I have actually ordered a bluetooth mouse which I will use with the broken W8.1 machine, with a view to deleting all the files, they are now on the W10 laptop, but I need to know how to properly wipe the W8.1 laptop properly so I can put it on ebay - My current same one here in The Netherlands is a super laptop, so fast and intuitive, the new W10 one I was only using for a short time in UK made me not like it, it takes much longer to open a page, and certain things are very "oddly" show, like the shambles with the uploaded photos to ebay, on the W8 one it is EXCELLENT but this W10 one just blocks the upload on ebay, horrible, I do want to remove this free trial of Microsoft office, I dont really use a "word" programme at all, I only use notepad and word paper to write letters and make labels, print off boarding passes etc., I guess I will have to get the W10 one all installed properly, I did delete all the games and crap off the W10 programmes, and the McAffee virus trial and I use Free Avast. I made the default browser the google chrome which I always use, I donwloaded to alter photos which I really like, but even that is not running to the speed that the W8 laptop operates. I guess I am "frightened" of this new W10 laptop after all the trouble I have had recently but I think you are all right, I am NOT going to get these USB ports working again and a bluetooth mouse and keyboads is not really the answer as I cant save anything or transfer anything via the USB ports. What do you advise that Ido to wipe the HD in the W8 laptop (all removed to new W10 and external drive back up) Do I use the CCleaner to do this? thanks Laptopdunc

  Forum Editor 22:23 03 Jul 2017

"this W10 one just blocks the upload on ebay, horrible"

Windows 10 isn't going to stop you uploading anything to Ebay.

  laptopdunce 01:36 04 Jul 2017

FE, I know but there must be something wrong with it as I look on ebay forum and others have the same problem, one said it was the adobe flash player that wasnt installed that fixed it for them, I just find this new W10 laptop quite a bit slower than the current W8.1 one, it doesnt load pages with the same speed as the W8.1 one and starts up quite slowly,thts is why I am disappointed with it in comparison to this superfast W8.1 one. laptopdunce

  laptopdunce 03:36 04 Jul 2017

will be flying in later today about noon, tuesday, will be back later and ask you about clearing the HD on the windows 8.1, with a view to listing it on ebay, then I am sure there will be alot more questions about the new w10 laptop!!! thnaks laptopdunce

  Forum Editor 06:57 04 Jul 2017

"then I am sure there will be alot more questions about the new w10 laptop!!!"

This thread is already nine pages long, and has been running for ten days.

If you have queries relating specifically to Windows 10, please post a new thread in the Windows help forum, but perhaps do some internet research yourself first, and check existing threads on the Windows Help forum - there will be answers to most of your questions already available.

Don't address any new questions to individual forum members - it will deter other people from responding.

  laptopdunce 11:47 04 Jul 2017

OK I will post a new thread about the W10 laptop! I didnt want to post a new post as I got "told off" last time for posting a slight different question but similar to the ones on this thread. Shall I continue to ask about the broken W8 one with no USB ports on this thread?? I am back now and will need to know how to wipe the HD on the W8 one later on, I think I will have to list it on ebay as it looks like it is never going to work, but think i should try to enter the Bios as was suggested before just so that I have done it and have experience of what that does, thanks laptopdunce

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