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My Windows 7 laptop won't connect to Internet

  laptopdunce 16:09 24 Jun 2017

for me?? the geniuses who got the files out of my faulty laptop! Since getting a new windows 10 laptop my old windows 7 laptop (which was running fine) has now stopped connecting to internet, it shows the name of the network in the network centre and a strong signal icon, but the signal icon in the taskbar is only grey and wont connect to internet, so something has happened since I installed the windows 10 laptop, even talktalk cant seem to get this fixed, but I looked on google for similar problems and this came up from one site.....If you can use Ethernet but not wifi at her house and can use wifi at yours, I would first try to go under manage wireless networks and delete her router SSID and reconnect. If that does not work then try to uninstall the wifi chip from device manager and reinstall..........So I supsoect there is something wrong with how the W7 laptop actually connects to the internet, this W7 laptop will connect with the ethernet cable (but is impractical as the W7 laptop has got my printer connected in another room, So do you think it is possible to get it working again? it was fine yesterday so it cant be another faulty laptop, my alcatel phone has just logged on to the router fine and connected straight away. Hope the geniuses can help me with this one!!! thanks laptopdunce

  laptopdunce 11:51 28 Jun 2017

PS< I am now using the other Aspire E5-511-POBM that I bought at the same time for family in The Netherlands, PERFECTLY with the apart keyboard and mouse, I have had a reply off Acer with an "Escalations complaints" address so I have written to them asking if they are prepared as a gesture of goodwill to examine and repair this little used laptop which I hope Acer will agree that for such a fault to develop after only 2.5 years falls well short of the expectations of the "reasonable life expectany of ANY electrical product, especially an Acer product!!" though I suppose legally they wont be much interested. I am interested to try the Bios option in fruitbat's message when I get back, will this be easy to do? I do find it very strange that the mini usb fan still works on all the USB ports but the programme for checking what USB ports have been used and when brings up absolutely nothing, there MUST be the possibility of still connecting a usb mosue and keyboard if the fans are working?? After all we achieved with the laptops not working on wifi and other things I just have a feeling that this MUST be fixable but its like a needle in a haystack, thanks laptopdunce

  laptopdunce 16:12 28 Jun 2017

As I thought, Acer dont want to know, they are only offering me a paid check and repair service, they might only come up with what that computer shop did!! saying its the mother board when I dont think (and fruitbat confirmed it) that it IS the motherboard at all, if all other things are working and the USB fan works there MUST be power getting to the USB ports but nothing showed on that zipped file for the USBdeview file, very odd that. Laptopdunce

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:33 28 Jun 2017

chipset drivers for USB

Doesn't look like this machine has a PCMCIA cardbus slot pity as it would have been a quick cheap solution.

To get in BIOS (setup) you need to press and HOLD F2 while powering on the laptop.

  laptopdunce 17:59 28 Jun 2017

PPS - I asked the place I took this laptop to in Mcr if they would support me with a complaint to Aver and they said yes, I told them that the USB fan was working on the USB ports still and that meant that the fuse on the otherboard couldnt have blown, I mentioned about the BIOS and they said they had already checked that (whatever that means) thanks Laptopdunce

  laptopdunce 18:51 28 Jun 2017

that link you sent for chipset drivers for USB came up saying "the server has refused to fulfil your request! just a white page with that typewritten text at the top. What will the BIOS actually do? show? thanks laptopdunce

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:37 28 Jun 2017

Have a read here

and this video shows dis / enabling USB ports in registry

and this shows enabling in BIOS for a Asus laptop

  laptopdunce 21:52 28 Jun 2017

I went to the driverscape site on its own and it opened up and I looked for the Acer e5-511 and this came up, I downloaded the chipset even though I am not in UK right now, click here you think this is the right ones that I shoule be downloading for my machine? thnaks


  laptopdunce 22:02 28 Jun 2017

I will have to do this when i get back but in the regedit I am sure I did find that Hkey local services tab, but I couldnt find that usb thing under services like in that video. Also the 2nd vid for the bios looks a bit strange, something about putting in a PS2 keyboard, surely they are not even made anymore? thanks laptopdunce

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:19 28 Jun 2017

Laptop will not have ps/2 video is if USB disabled and keboard need to enable

with laptop if USb is disabled in BIOS then touch pad would still work enabling BIOS to be adjusted.

  laptopdunce 11:28 29 Jun 2017

So, if the BIOS in the W8 laptop has the USB disabled is it possible to re-enable it? the laptop is fine with the inbuilt touchpad and keyboard, I just cant use them very well, I will have to wait till after the 5th when I am back to check all this out. thanks laptopdunce

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