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My Windows 7 laptop won't connect to Internet

  laptopdunce 16:09 24 Jun 2017

for me?? the geniuses who got the files out of my faulty laptop! Since getting a new windows 10 laptop my old windows 7 laptop (which was running fine) has now stopped connecting to internet, it shows the name of the network in the network centre and a strong signal icon, but the signal icon in the taskbar is only grey and wont connect to internet, so something has happened since I installed the windows 10 laptop, even talktalk cant seem to get this fixed, but I looked on google for similar problems and this came up from one site.....If you can use Ethernet but not wifi at her house and can use wifi at yours, I would first try to go under manage wireless networks and delete her router SSID and reconnect. If that does not work then try to uninstall the wifi chip from device manager and reinstall..........So I supsoect there is something wrong with how the W7 laptop actually connects to the internet, this W7 laptop will connect with the ethernet cable (but is impractical as the W7 laptop has got my printer connected in another room, So do you think it is possible to get it working again? it was fine yesterday so it cant be another faulty laptop, my alcatel phone has just logged on to the router fine and connected straight away. Hope the geniuses can help me with this one!!! thanks laptopdunce

  Jollyjohn 16:12 27 Jun 2017

The USB fan has probably drawn too much power from the USB circuit and therefore caused part of the circuit to fail.

My previous post was not meant as a solution as such, just a workaround if needed. £180 to replace the motherboard is a reasonable price considering the amount of labour involved in stripping the laptop down and rebuilding it. I don't know the exact age of this laptop but I would contact the retailer, in writing, and look for some compensation towards the cost of the repair. Even if the laptop is out of warranty there is still an "expected life" of a product during which it should not fail.

  laptopdunce 16:15 27 Jun 2017

Well, I have just downloaded that USB deview and extracted the files and clicked on the green USB icon and also the other one, the Green USB Deview window shows absolutely nothing!! nothing under any heading, dvice name, description, device type, drive letter, safe to unpl. etc., etc., This is looking to me like what they said in this computer shop is right, it looks like the usb ports are totally disconnected from this motherboard!! also a strange thing happened since its been at the shop, all the files and photos are intact but I have lost the possibility of opening documents through acrobat reader. very odd, PS, the screenshot doesnt capture the black screen of the command prompt, thanks laptopdunce

  laptopdunce 16:41 27 Jun 2017

I cant even find a receipt from when i bought this laptop, I thnk it is probably 2 years old I bought two of them, one for family in The Netherlands, as I was told to buy that specific model with that specific processor as it was the best deal at the time. I dont even know where to look to find the receipt but I agree its a fault that shouldnt happen, these fans are made specifically with a USB plug so people expect them to work with computers! All sorts of things are being marketed for usb hubs now, and its really ONLY computers that use USB sockets. This looks like a very expensive mistake!! Laptopdunce

  laptopdunce 17:08 27 Jun 2017

I have written to the Acer website asking for a Postal address to send a written complaint to with evidence of the failure of this laptop and its far too early failure in its "legally binding expected normal lifetime" - will wait and see what happens, if Only I could get an apart mouse and keyboard on this thing!! laptopdunce

  laptopdunce 17:51 27 Jun 2017

I'VE FOUND IT!! I have found the receipt for both of these same W8 laptops, the first one I bought was for the UK operation, and I have the receipt from Currys, bought and paid in full for £329.99 on 29/11/2014, so that is really only 2.5 years use!! I bought the 2nd one from Currys, same shop on 12th jan, (this same model was then £299.99 in the sale and this one I took to The Netherlands.) So for my own apsire acer W8 model I do have the purchase reciept. I am awaiting what they say and if they are amenable I will tell then that as the laptop is a excellent one and I have the very same model at family abroad, I would accept if Acer would fix this faulty laptop free of charge (I would remove my files) and send it off to them at their repair centre, at the end of the day only 2-1/2 years into a computer that is impeccably looked after and is only used in a minor way two weeks of the month, I feel they should offer this as a gesture of good will. will wait and see, thanhks Laptopdunce

  laptopdunce 18:25 27 Jun 2017

this is really odd, I restarted the W laptop and the fans work in the USB ports, but the USB ticks and mouse etc., will not work!! how cant that be that you get power to fan but it wont send power tothe lower voltage USB sticks and mouses and keyboards??? Laptopdunce

  bumpkin 19:24 27 Jun 2017

the fans work in the USB ports, but the USB ticks and mouse etc., will not work!

In that case it could well be a dry joint (loose solder connection) on the M/board which would explain a lot of your problems. Let's hope Acer are sympathetic considering it is not that old. It may be out of warranty but it should still be expected to last more than 2yrs.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:45 27 Jun 2017

Power is reaching the USB ports so it has not blown the USB fuse on the motherboard. Ift hat fuse blows its non renewable and new motherboard is only way to repair,

There is power, now if mouse / sticks don't work then the problem is with the data connections and this is usually software drivers related hence the advice to uninstall reinstall drivers / clear driver history from registry (USB deview and filters deletion). I still think if we can get drivers to install we can solve the problem.

Another possibility is : are the ports disabled in BIOS? Worth a look in BIOS to see what is shown against any USB setting.

Failing that does this machine have a PCI card slot? because you can buy a card with USB ports for less than a tenner and connect you keyboard mouse that way

  laptopdunce 02:05 28 Jun 2017

Hi, I thought it was odd that the fan still works on all the ports but no USB ports, I am away now today till the 5 july, I wrote to Acer saying that it was bought on 29th nov. 2014 (bought another one in jan 2015 for £30 less in the sale at Currys) and told Acert that I think they should do something at their repair depot. I am waiting for a reply off them but as fruitbat says, if the fan is still running then it looks to me also that the whole motherbord doesnt need a full replacement, I dont know anything about Bios, I willhave to come back to this when I am back and you will have to tell me what to do. But after doing that USBdewview from that programme it showed absolutely nothing, no previous connecton just nothing - problem is I cant send you photos of the screens it brings up on here, I still think this is repairable without the full mother board. As I said the actual processor is far superior in my opinion on this W8 laptop to this W10 one I have just bought, the thing is I HAVE to have a seperate mouse/keyboard (I have neuropathy in the fingers and this is one of the reasons I dont have a smart phone, those tiny touch screens are untenable for me, I can just manage with a 10" tablet but hardly use it, so these touchpads and flat laptopkeyboards are not practical for me (its not just a "whim") I know the FE will be annoyed but that was why I can tell that a certain person really has a "grip" on all this and I would be prepared to send it to him as I am not in a major rush for it but obviously its a damned good laptop and I would like it to work., of course we have established that whilst I am not really a total retard, alot of this highly technical computer stuff is too much for me, thanks laptopdunce

  laptopdunce 02:14 28 Jun 2017

PS, the pci card slot?? what is that exactly, the laptop is an Acer aspire E5-511-POBM the SNID number is 43901813234 and the serial number is: NXMPKEK008439046D43400 it is running from an Inten pentium quad core N35320 processor, it has 2 normal USB port and 1 USB3 port, there is the ethernet port, the SD camera card slot at the front (that works OK) there is a multi pin socket with 3 rows of lots of holes and next to that there is what looks like a huge phone charger type socket, looks a bit like a USB port but with slanted ends at the bottom, like a big phone socket abot 1cm across at the top - does that sound anything like this PCI card slot?? As you know I am a total dunce!! thanks laptopdunce, have to leave for the airport now but I will be back on the other (same) W8 laptop later, (the other one I bought at Currys!!) - you will have to tell me what to do in the BIOS when I get back, I think someone suggested this a long while back but I dont know how to even access that. thanks

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