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My Windows 7 laptop won't connect to Internet

  laptopdunce 16:09 24 Jun 2017

for me?? the geniuses who got the files out of my faulty laptop! Since getting a new windows 10 laptop my old windows 7 laptop (which was running fine) has now stopped connecting to internet, it shows the name of the network in the network centre and a strong signal icon, but the signal icon in the taskbar is only grey and wont connect to internet, so something has happened since I installed the windows 10 laptop, even talktalk cant seem to get this fixed, but I looked on google for similar problems and this came up from one site.....If you can use Ethernet but not wifi at her house and can use wifi at yours, I would first try to go under manage wireless networks and delete her router SSID and reconnect. If that does not work then try to uninstall the wifi chip from device manager and reinstall..........So I supsoect there is something wrong with how the W7 laptop actually connects to the internet, this W7 laptop will connect with the ethernet cable (but is impractical as the W7 laptop has got my printer connected in another room, So do you think it is possible to get it working again? it was fine yesterday so it cant be another faulty laptop, my alcatel phone has just logged on to the router fine and connected straight away. Hope the geniuses can help me with this one!!! thanks laptopdunce

  laptopdunce 20:05 25 Jun 2017

there are lots of different sub folders under the 5 H-Key folders, like in the H-Key current user there are lots of things like keyboard layour, software, printers, network, system etc. etc., do you think it could be in here?? Obviously I dont know what I am looking for, as the actual H-KeylLocal-machine folder doest seem to show any USB detail??? can you understand how frustrating this is for a person who has no background in any of this?? Do you think this laptop IS repairable?? I am prepared to pay to have it fixed it can be, its really a very good laptop but this rigmarole is just impossible unless you are a computer genius, thanks laptopdunce

  laptopdunce 20:22 25 Jun 2017

should I shut this registry page down now in the W8? I dont think this is going to achieve anything? thanks laptopdunce

  laptopdunce 22:02 25 Jun 2017

If you know of any good computer repair places or are prepared to look at this yourself for payment let me know? it could go on like this for HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS AND DAYS AND DAYS and still get nowhere, I think it needs to be looked at by a somone in person who knows what they are doing, this last registry instruction is just way, way, way, too complex for me. Let me know thanks. Laptopdunce - Im sure I can TRUST fruitbat implicitly as you seem to have a complete "handle" on this problem and understand how unskilled I am with this, (I really dont think ANY non highly computer literate person could get this sorted really just from written instructions, I really dont)

  lotvic 23:20 25 Jun 2017

I wonder if... USB selective suspend setting is enabled, if so then change it to disabled so that the usb ports don't 'switch off to save power'.

Here's how to do it click here

  1. Open Control Panel
  2. Go to: Hardware and Sound->Power Options
  3. Find your preferred power plan and click “Change plan settings”
  4. Click “Change advanced power settings”
  5. A dialog box similar to the example in the graphic below will open (see the pic on the link)
  6. Find the entry “USB settings” and expand it
  7. Expand the entry “USB selective suspend setting”
  8. Use the drop-down menu to disable or re-enable the setting (see the pic on the link)
  9. Click "OK"
  Forum Editor 23:22 25 Jun 2017

Try to calm down, and in future, please don't address problems to individual forum members, or offer people money to resolve your problem. That's not what we're here for.

  laptopdunce 23:47 25 Jun 2017

Yes, I realise that, but if you read the drift of this whole problem you can see that it is ONLY fruitbat member who has got the intuitive feel of what is going on with this problem for a complete novice (I am a laptop dunce after all) then even some of ht more convoluted instructions are really just 90%impossible to follow, then the faulty computerNEVER looks like sonewne says it was. I just feel at the end of my thether with this problema and if Fruitbat WERE close to me I would takt tis laptoptop him and have it fixes in person. I am sure it is somehing to remedy to but is more like trying to find the fualt in a 100,000,0000 teleophone exchange and lit looks like the greent telphone on the 700th floo is to blame, You ahve to fix it in the building of 700 meteres with no elvator or tools!! That is why I am depsperTe to get this rather nice laptop fixed rathere just jump Dump it!""" thanks laptopdence

  tullie 06:28 26 Jun 2017

How long can someone be a laptop dunce for?Using a computer is like anything else,you learn as you go along.

  laptopdunce 09:54 26 Jun 2017

learn as you go along??? come on!! this is IMPOSSIBLE!! I dont think "average" non computer person could sort this problem!! Maybe tullie is a computer scientist I am not!!! Someone suggested using a wireless keyboard and mouse with this laptop with the duff USB ports, I dont know if that would be an option?? I rather think not but maybe the experts know?? that is why I would like to get this really very good laptop fixed properly but obviously trying to tell a novice how to tinker about in the registry is not really tenable for a complete novice, i mean would YOU tinker about in your mains fuse box from someone telling you what to touch and not to touch over email messages??? This is a VERY VERY FRUSTRATING problem that all the solutions for have not worked!! the chipset drivers from Acer wont even open!!! Come on!! read the whole thread!! I really dont think this comment of tulle is at all valid!! at least Fruitbat REALLY has a HANDLE on this and I see him as really the ONLY ONE who fully understand it from my side as well as his own technical expertise. Laptopdunce

  laptopdunce 10:18 26 Jun 2017

So what should I do fruitbat?? I am away weds till 05 july, if you or anyone knows of a reliable computer repair man in the Manchester area can you let me know? I really think this thing needs to be "seen" by a PERSON or we could go round and round and round and round ad infinitum ad nauseaum, dont think I dont appreciate your expertise but everything you suggest simply wont work!! look at the chipset driver from Acer itself!! the damned thing downloads and then wont even open!!! I know the FE has said not to contact other members by name but youre the only one so far who really "understands" this, and as even you cant (or my laptop) wont accept the solution then I think it needs to be SEEN by a person, its like trying to fix an automatic gearbox on a Jaguar by email messages, obviously this needs to be looked at by an expert - in person. thanks laptopdunce

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:46 26 Jun 2017

OK forget reg edit if its getting too complicated for you.

Download load USBdeview the links at near the bottom of the page download the 32 bit or 64bit whichever version of windows your using (probablyl win 7 64 bit)

Open the zip file and run it, top of the page shows the window hat will open and show all the USB devices that have been connected!

enter image description here

remove all the usb items - reboot the laptop - hopefully if you connect a keyboard and mouse on restart windows will find and reinstall them.

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