My windows 7 laptop has really slowed down.

  alibob1526 17:02 21 Feb 2014

My Win 7 laptop is really slow starting & I seem to have programs that I am not sure are needed or not. I am wondering if I should connect to an external hard drive on which I backed up my laptop when first bought & try to re install back to the start. If I decide to go ahead with this, is there anything I need to do,IE: delete things ETC' or do I just connect the hard drive, will this delete or override everything on my PC.?

  iscanut 20:52 03 Mar 2014

Acronis is a very good commercial backup suite of programs which allow you to back up the whole of your system, or a few folders or individual files..It comes at a price here do not really need it if it is only your data that you need to backup. I would not unistall any of the windows backup files.


  iscanut 20:53 03 Mar 2014

Sorry, don't know how the "You" got misplaced !

  mole1944 06:39 04 Mar 2014

I use Acronis myself once your system is working ok i clone the drive, if you have a Western digital drive on or attached to your system you can get a free verson from Western digital from there site. i use two drives alternately to clone for my desktop and clone one a week, sometimes more if i have installed a big program. Have you thought of using a clickfree drive to save all your data,literally plug in USB plug takes a few minutes for initial save dependant on the amount of data to be saved after that it scans and only saves new and altered items, again i use two alternate drives i have a clickfree dongle (No longer available)so i use my own drives,i have over 66,000 legal music tracks so loosing them would be a disaster,yes they did cost lots you do the math. I know this doesn't fix your immediate problem but might help in the future, if my desktop drive goes pear shaped i can be up and running in 5 minutes, my drive is a tad under 500gb and takes 3.5 hours to clone with Acronis.

  alibob1526 09:35 04 Mar 2014

Thank you to all techies who respond to my questions, some of which must seem daft to those who know a lot about pc's, unfortunately I don't, so Thanks again. You people help us novices a great deal.

  mole1944 14:58 04 Mar 2014

All part of our service we're a good crowd here,mind you step out of line and F.E. cracks a mean whip and quite so.

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