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My windows 7 laptop has really slowed down.

  alibob1526 17:02 21 Feb 2014

My Win 7 laptop is really slow starting & I seem to have programs that I am not sure are needed or not. I am wondering if I should connect to an external hard drive on which I backed up my laptop when first bought & try to re install back to the start. If I decide to go ahead with this, is there anything I need to do,IE: delete things ETC' or do I just connect the hard drive, will this delete or override everything on my PC.?

  chub_tor 12:47 22 Feb 2014

Click Here for a number of things to try before going back to a factory reinstall.

  iscanut 20:43 22 Feb 2014

Give us an idea of what programs you think are not needed. Going back to factory default may delete everything you have installed since you backed up so hold on for now.

  mole1944 05:54 24 Feb 2014

Have you run ccleaner or glary utilities, ccleaner gentle glary safe but does a more thorough job. In the end save your data to a separate place and do a complete wipe and reinstall,then clone your drive this will save you hours of work reinstalling again,clone weekly or when a large lot of new items are installed. If you have a Western Digital drive attaches to your system WD do a free cut down of Acronis.

  alibob1526 10:57 25 Feb 2014

beginner. Mole1944, I tried installing the Glary Utilities you suggested but other than telling me that I had hundreds of various problems, it didn't do anything that programs like Proclean ETC, does & that is tell me I have hundreds or thousands of problems. These programs all want money, but are any of them worth getting or are they just conning people out of money by frightening them with their dire warnings.? PS: thanks for your input.

  iscanut 11:47 25 Feb 2014

Dont download any program that asks for money or tells you that you have hundreds of problems. Just download and install Ccleaner and then run it and let it clean up for you. It is free and is used by many of us on these forums. Download from here click here

  alibob1526 13:55 25 Feb 2014

Thanks' Iscanut2, I do have latest version of CCleaner,ran it again this morning. My problem is I would like to backup my pictures, & documents then start afresh. I have a 500gb WD My Passport Essential hard drive. I connected this hoping I could reinstall all the stuff I put on it when I first bought my laptop, but nothing happened & I do not have a clue how to go about doing things like this. Any ,(plain English)instructions would be very much appreciated. there are no instructions with the external hard drive.

  wee eddie 15:18 25 Feb 2014

As you are running W7 - It has its own backup Software:

Control Panel > Systems & Security > Backup your Computer.

Also the Passport has its own Backup Utility > Google WD for instructions.

Or you could just Copy and Paste your Files across but would lose your Internet favourites unless you specifically transfer them.

Actually, if you open the W7 Uninstaller and work your way slowly through your Installed Programs, checking each one that you don't know, using Google and ignoring all the Microsoft and Windows Programs, you should be able to clear some space.

Remember:- Only one Anti Virus.

Then run CCleaner and its Registry Cleaner, you can use its Uninstaller, if you wish, but I don't think that its any better than W7's.

Then run W7s Defraggler.If you haven't run a Defrag for a while expect to leave it running overnight and, as its a Lappy, leave it connected to the Mains and turn off its Automatic Sleep Mode and Shutdown

  iscanut 16:29 25 Feb 2014

The easiest way to backup docs and pictures is to drag and drop. Connect your external hard drive. Click on My Computer and you should see your external drive having been allocated a drive letter, probably E: if you have a DVD player which will probable be D:. Open the Directory containing your files to be backed up. Click on the external drive letter to open up it's window and simply drag the files from their original location and drop them into the External drive window. However, if you wish to back up programs, settings, etc, then follow wee eddie's advice and use the backup facilities.If you get stuck, open a new thread for the backup topic.

  john bunyan 17:46 25 Feb 2014

This thread is worth a read: Back ups

I hope this is not double posted - sorry if so!

  alibob1526 20:14 03 Mar 2014

A question, I saw something that mentioned something called Acronis, what is this, /& do I need it? Also, this backup thing, what is it exactly?. If I backup to my pc, surely if anything goes wrong with the pc it would include any backups? One more thing, Windows updates, is it OK to uninstall older updates from my pc, there seems quite a few, or is it necessary to keep all these updates or can older ones be deleted?.

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