my website works fine in IE but not in firefox?

  intense 17:37 18 Sep 2008

Hi ive jut posted my first website click here and everything works fine until you try and veiw it in firefox when only a bare skeleton of it i shown.
any help would be greatly appreciated

  Graham. 19:50 18 Sep 2008

I've not tried GoDaddy, but had good results with M/S Office Live click here. You can take your Domain with you.

You may find it easier, plus they have a terrific forum click here

One of my sites click here.

  Kemistri 20:27 18 Sep 2008

I see that you ignored one of the golden rules of development: you didn't test your work in a compliant browser during the development process. Test in Firefox: debug in IE6 and 7.

223 HTML errors from the W3C validator -- I think that must be the worst I have ever seen. Plus 17 CSS errors. It doesn't even have a Doc Type. Of course, none of this is entirely surprising when the source suggests that some component of MS Office was used to code this. Please, don't tell me that you used Word or something!

  Taran 22:14 18 Sep 2008

A couple of points:

1. The site is intended to represent a business interest, so pay the nominal yearly fee for ad-free web hosting and ditch the ad banners from the page. It's a little pointless promising jargon free on the site when it's crammed full of adverts you have no control over.

2. Establish a common navigation system and use it across all pages of the site.

3. Try to use logical page file names with no capital letters or spaces. Separate words in page file names and use underscores when naming them, like this: about_us.html or technical_support.html

4. Using any word processor write your page text and edit it until you are happy with it. Get a willing friend to proof read it for you, and once you are happy with it...

5. Choose any one of a number of freely available web authoring programs and play with it for a few days. Once you get your head around it, generate your site using a clean and uncluttered page layout with simple use of mild colour.

There are grammatical errors on the site and the colours cripple my eyes (I am one of the almost 1 in 10 colourblind people in the UK).

Now, all of that might sound terribly cruel, but in fact it isn't. You already managed to take your first big steps by creating a site and getting it online.

Asking for help is all well and good, but fixing the site would take about as much work as creating a new one.

Others may disagree, but I'd strongly suggest that you invest the time to present your business interest as professionally as possible.

Take a look at Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2008 click here or NetObjects Fusion Essentials click here or you can download a 30 day trial of the interesting CoffeeCup HTML Editor 2008 click here which has a good visual interface and loads of toys.

Check out computer magazine covermount disks for web authoring software as well.

I'd rather offer the above general suggestions than go through the huge number of remedial 'fixes' you would have to perform to get each page to work properly

  Graham. 23:07 18 Sep 2008

Blimey, Charlie.

  Kemistri 23:29 18 Sep 2008

"...fixing the site would take about as much work as creating a new one."

Absolutely. Silk purse/sow's ear comes to mind.

  intense 00:30 19 Sep 2008

guys, i'm ok with computers and computing but i've never had the will or reason to create a website.
So now i've created it, I know what w3c is and my static website has been developed specifically for technofobes, and yes its simple to follow, the kind of thing your dad or mum would be happy with.
but can someone pllease tell me why it don't work with firefox?

  intense 00:35 19 Sep 2008

by the way
this was knocked up with MS frontpage

  mco 17:20 19 Sep 2008

It doesn't work in Opera either.

  Snec 19:14 19 Sep 2008

It doesn't work in Avant or Flock.

Suggest you listen to Taran, a professional site developer, and start again.

  Kemistri 20:24 19 Sep 2008

In short, it does not work at all and in any sense of the word. If you can get to the point at which you can produce a site that is capable of promoting your business, then by all means do it yourself. But time is money and you may find it more effective to hand the task to a development professional and let them handle it. That's what we are here for, after all!

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