My website requires to be JAVA enabled....

  andywolve 11:04 17 Jul 2003

Can you please tell me how I can tell my vistors on how to enable Java. I now get e-mails complaining that they can't access the website.

click here

  AndySD 15:10 17 Jul 2003

My computer is java enabled and it still says that. I had a quick look at the source code and couldent spot the trouble....have you tried just removing

<p align="center">
Your Computer requires to be Java enabled.</p>

I am afraid I wont be going back though....

1 popup from you and 2 popup adverts is too many.

  andywolve 19:15 17 Jul 2003

ah I know that there are too many pop-ups and I am looking elsewhere to host but for now its okay.
<p align="center"> Your Computer requires to be Java enabled.</p>
I put this on to allow guests to know that they require Java. Does anybody know how to turn the function on?

  User-312386 22:29 18 Jul 2003

i have never ever seen so many pop-up ads in my life from one site

sorry but shall not be going back there

XP does not support java, so you will have to download the M$ Java Virtual machine click here

if you have another window platform then you can activate java by going to tools>internet options>advanced. Now look down the list and tick the box that says enable Java


  andywolve 11:42 19 Jul 2003

Sorry, I know about the pop-up situation, and it costs alot to stop them, so I have to put up with them as well.

Anyways I have asked a vistor to do the instructions above to enable it, no such luck, then i have asked them what OS, they are using and they have replied Windows 2000, anythingh there which will help you, to help me to enable Java for my visitors?

By the way I use XP, no problems, my mum uses XP Pro, she can't view it either, where do u download Java?

Thanks for your help so far


  AndySD 12:05 19 Jul 2003

click here

but if people dont want to do this you cannot do it automatically

  PurplePenny 14:01 21 Jul 2003

Are you sure that they aren't just seeing your message and *assuming* that they can't go any further? The wording isn't very good - it reads as though it is an error messsage rather than an advisory.


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