My Website is Reported as Unsafe on Most/All Antivirus Software even though it's clean

  edtvmadness 20:25 27 Jan 2015

My website is reported as unsafe and is blocked by many different antivirus programs (I've tried friend's computers, etc) despite now being clean and reported as such to google. Once this happens, is there any way to reverse it?

I suppose there's a chance that maybe it isn't clean- but I don't know how else to double check. It's here click here


  lotvic 01:23 28 Jan 2015

Avast won't let me go to your link - says infected url: Mal

When I google your site and try to go from google links Avast tells me it's infected with HTML:RedirME-inf [T]

  lotvic 02:00 28 Jan 2015

Other pages from the google links to your site give me Avast message infected with HTML:RedirBA-inf [T]

You could try the Avast Forum Help, they helped this guy with same problem click here and he got off the blacklist.

  edtvmadness 15:55 01 Feb 2015

Thanks all. A lot of my old website pages- from years ago- utilised a bitgravity embeddable video player. all of those original pages that are still on my hard drive came up as infected when scanned with avast just now. as soon as i delete the embedded player, avast says they are clean.

my site no longer uses the player but i imagine this is where the original infection came from, otherwise massive coinicidence.

my issue now is having to deal with notifying every software that has my site blacklisted- unless theres one place i can notify that they get all their info from?

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