My website is is not displaying on line

  f1fighter 19:03 14 Dec 2005

I have free web space on my ISP (
I successfully uploaded it once and needed to update some new info, now when I've tried looking at my site on my & another computer it shows 'no authourised access' etc error 403.
My home page is correctly named 'index.html'
Madasafish say it's on there server but I can't retrieve it. I've clicked on 'properties' to display the source of the code and it's the same on both computers

htm#click here

How can this be? I thought that this 'property' would only show on my computer? I'm at a loss.
It's obvious that the path needs amending but how? I can't find where the above path is being held? Search can't find it so I can't edit it? Any help would be very much appreicated or am I just being stupid here?

Barry Skeels (f1fighter) [email protected]

  ozone10 19:16 14 Dec 2005

You could try renaming the .html to .htm

As regards the source of the page you see, whenever IE gets an error code returned eg. 404 - page not found or 403 - it looks that code up in shdoclc.dll and generates a page to make the error more readable. For this reason you will see the same error on any pc.

  f1fighter 19:54 14 Dec 2005

I'll give it a go and hope i don't have to wait for the server to update the site for to long.

  Graham ® 19:57 14 Dec 2005

It will get harvested for spam!

  f1fighter 20:25 14 Dec 2005

Cheers Graham, I'll remember that in future. In the meantime no change on viewing my web site. I've been through the Serif Web7 which came free with this mag, I thought I'd give it a go, and have checked my page labels, index, page 2 etc, tried reuploading it but still the same message.

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