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my website is my hobby

  james55 23:46 09 Dec 2003

The last time I posted this I got a good response, I have tried to amend some of the problems. It might be my hobby but getting the pictures is also a big part of it. On Sunday 7th December we climbed Ben Vorlich (Loch Earn) Scotland and the Views and feelings are hard to describe.

I haven’t done much to the index page but have changed all the others.

Opinions Please click here
Ps main page Diary 2003 Paragraph 34 (picture) will give you an idea how I felt.

  james55 19:44 10 Dec 2003

anchor & [email protected]

Thanks for the feedback, you have cheered me up no end. The last time I posted this site it was all over the place, with lots of advice, and I have to thank the FE and a few others I have brought it more under control.

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