My Website, early stages, intial thoughts please

  powerless 22:04 06 Sep 2003

Before you click on the link that you will come across in this message i would just like to say that you will probably notice that the "site" seems unfinished. Well that is because it is...

There maybe spelling errors, and a few unfinished pages but the point of posting this was just to get initial thoughts...

I've gone for a simple layout (i'm just learing this webpage buisness) so don't expect to much but I think the simplicity of it works in its favour...

The actual name of the site i have not decided yet but if you look closely you'll see one idea of a name i've had.

Also there is mean't to be a banner at the top but i removed it...There will be one there eventually.

Enought of me and i'll let it speak for itself...

click here

(some of you may notice the URL as being another forum members webspace. That is because it is as I'm having a little trouble with my own - Thanks to tony for the sapce!)

  Forum Editor 23:50 06 Sep 2003

and I can see that you've worked hard.

There are obviously improvements that can be made, and here are a few comments to be going on with:-

1. Your site would look far better laid out in tables - thay are the web designer's friend, and will allow you to improve the look and the readability of the text. At the moment the pages are confusing, and tiring on the eye.

2. You've mixed the font styles too much - stick to a plain bold header and one font type and size for the body text - and apply it throughout the site. I dislike italics on the Internet, they don't help the readability and serve no real purpose.

3. As you have suggested, the text could do with some serious editing, and if you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself, ask someone who is able to write concisely and grammatically - you'll be amazed at the difference it can make.

4. I like the screenshots - they help enormously on this type of site - but again they need to be in a table. Place the images in a column on the left and the text in a clumn alongside. The table cells will take care of alignment, and will transform the page's appearance.

Experiment with tables - they aren't difficult to handle with a bit of practice, and you'll be rewarded with a massive improvement in the appearance of your site.

  powerless 02:33 07 Sep 2003



Now the problem here is i thought my site was laid out in tables. For example when i right click on the page i can see "Table Properties" so unless i'm mssing something, i am using tables.

Font styles will be cleaned up.

The images on the left and the text to right is what i initally had but found it easier as it is now.



I'll see what colours i can mix in the paint pot and have a little experiment.

I cannot ignore you paul as i'll need even more help with Linux to which i've tried to configure that XF86 file from your instructions. (see email in a bit)

  powerless 10:02 07 Sep 2003


There is no LAYER on the insert menu?

  Forum Editor 19:56 07 Sep 2003

I can indeed see tables, but they need some work.

You need a Banner, with the name of the site, so that it doesn't look quite so much as if someone's just uploaded a word doc.

A navigation panel on the left, with buttons, would improve things as well, and an image or two will make the pages a tad more attractive.

The page layouts will look better if you experiment with the tables - split the cells into columns and see how things look when they aren't spread right across the screen. Examine a magazine carefully, and see how the layout breaks the page into easily-read chunks. That's the kind of thing you're aiming for - so the reader isn't intimidated by great slabs of text.

  powerless 18:55 12 Sep 2003

Making the changes...

  powerless 22:26 15 Sep 2003

I removed the banner, for now anyway!

I guess i'll have too switch to 8x6 when working with FP.

IT displays ok on a 1x7

Any changes made will not uploaded until madboy comes back from his honeymoon (i think) or i sort my freewebspace problem out.

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