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  WaiKent 18:09 09 Jul 2003

Hi just made a website and was thinking what you guys thought, and dont laugh at the name, it was just a test. lol. i used dreamweaver, fireworks mx and flash mx. click here

  Forum Editor 18:38 09 Jul 2003

you need to spend more time on this WaiKent. Non of the links work, and my browser is displaying two headers, one above the other, both with navigation buttons.

Your homepage text is barely legible - blue on blue is no good, and I suggest that you rethink the colour scheme. White text is about the only thing that will work if you're going to keep that background colour.

Why don't you do a bit of redesigning, tighten things up, get the other pages loaded with text and images and then come back to us for more comment?

  WaiKent 22:15 09 Jul 2003

i know a lot of work has got to be done on it, and i know the links dont work but just creating that took a lot of time. well thanks for being very honest with me. i will rethink the colour scheme. :)

  Forum Editor 23:21 09 Jul 2003

if you invest more time.

When you start out with web design it can be very frustrating; not only have you to get to grips with strange software - you have to create a concept, an overall design, and if you aren't used to doing this it can seem like an impossible task. Some people have a natural design sense, but most don't - they have to stitch a site together piece by piece, often taking elements from some other site and possibly adapting them slightly to suit their own site.

My advice is to spend as much time as possible looking at other sites. When you like one try and analyse what it is about the site that you particularly admire - then try out something similar yourself. Gradually you'll see patterns emerging - design conventions that have been developed over time.

Don't lose heart - it's easy to do that at first, especially when someone (like me) appears to criticise every aspect of your work. I don't mean to sound discouraging - at least you've got yourself involved and had a go, and with a good bit more work you'll have a site to be proud of. Keep coming back for more help/advice if you feel you need it.

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