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  humberto1 12:05 09 Jan 2004

Hi guys,

I wanted your views.
click here

Do you think providing descriptions on links would be better? or having them the way I have done without a description? Would it put people off?

  Taran 12:25 09 Jan 2004

You could have a clear indication of the site and what it does.

Anyone visiting it sees a small table in the middle of their page with six hyperlinks to choose from. Unless you happen to know when you visit your site what it offers and why [a deliberate visitor] clicking the links is the only way to find out.

I imagine you are trying to set a pay per click or click stream site in motion and if this is the case I wish you the best of luck.

Your choice of English on the contact page could be reworded.

It's certainly a fast site but in some respects that has come at the expense of usability. I quite like it, but it's a step off the main track in terms of layout and how it delivers its content, and in that respect you may find it stops some people in their tracks.

Your code is a bit unusual too. You should look at lists (ordered, unorder etc) instead of manually bulleting your entries.

I rather like it but I think you need to be clear on the very first page what you are and what you do or offer.

  humberto1 12:34 09 Jan 2004

Thanks, taken every word.

I agree I will be using a few affiliate links here and there. My main target is to create something simple and useful. You have thousands if not millions of these search directories but they are all the same, a lot of these use this pay per click system so they won't list anything unless they are getting paid.

Thanks for the tip.

  Taran 13:36 09 Jan 2004

I'm not sure what you will get out of this long term.

The point to search engines is that you can narrow things down, assuming you know how of course, and that you have such a broad field to search in - which is also the main downfall to search engines, as it happens.

What I mean is, although you have a few main categories now, what happens in a year if you find that you have 1,000 travel agents and holiday companies listed ?

Do you have one long list or do you subdivide ?

If you subdivide do you go by destination, specialisation, business locality, alphabetically [how quaint]...

At the moment you have a nice, small, manageable list of those sites you have approved for inclusion in yours. Long-term and very broadly speaking though, I can see this potentially doing one of three things: either it gets out of hand and degrades into some huge lists that are very broadly categorised, or it fades away due to lack of interest or deliverable content, or it becomes another small-scale search engine if you choose to build in search and filter features, and that will come at the expense of some pretty neat scripting and programming.

I'm not trying to rain on your parade, but I like to think projects through on a "what if" basis and this could either chunter along in a small way or if interest in it blossoms, how are you going to manage it ?

If this sounds a little cruel, it's based on some surprising things that I have seen happen over the years where a small project got rapidly too big to manage and conversely, I've seen some intended projects that should have been huge fade to nothing and die.

What do you see as the future for the site ?

How do think you will manage it if interest in it took off in a big way ?

Or will you be happy with a minimum number of viewers per day and if so have you worked out your return based on that ?

These and lots of other questions came to mind as soon as I saw the site. I'd be interested to see where you go with it though.

Good luck.


  Forum Editor 13:52 09 Jan 2004

but I agree wholeheartedly with Taran - you must include a little more information on the homepage. Consumers are becoming increasingly wary about clicking anything unless they know what it is, and your present format is just too minimalist.

Otherwise your contact page text is a tad risky - don't infer that the big engines take 'forever to list you' or you may find a solicitor's letter thumping onto your hall floor one day soon. The grammar could use a polish as well. If you're stuck, let me know and I'll edit it for you.

I think you could have a very useful site here - good luck with it.

  humberto1 15:02 09 Jan 2004

Indeed Taran, I agree with you a 100%.

Altough I want to keep links to a minimun, I am aware that there is millions of sites out there but ill leave that to the big cats (Google, Yahoo). I want to filter it down and maybe say have a max of a 100 listings per category which I feel are the most useful.

My main concern is the links and the way they are presented. I am not sure, maybe each listing should have a short description.

Forum Editor
I didn't think I could get in trouble for writing something like that. Any tips on what could be said?

thanks guys, I am getting a clearer picture.

  Forum Editor 15:22 09 Jan 2004

that you include something along these lines:

"Unlike some other search resources we don't take an age to list your site, but we do insist that all submissions comply with our simple terms and conditions. Please read these carefully before you submit your site - your submission implies your acceptance and agreement to abide by these terms.

1. We do not list sites that are hosted in free web-space

2. We will not list any site with content of an adult nature, or which contains links to such sites.

3. A site can only be listed after it has been approved by our staff - this normally takes no longer than 24 hours.

4. We reserve the right to exclude or remove any site that contains text or images which in our opinion may be libellous, illegal, or incites others to commit an illegal act. Our decision in such matters is final.

5. We do not undertake to maintain the listing of a site for a specific or minimum period - listings are made at our discretion and no contractual obligation is explicit or implied by such an arrangement.

6. We do not endorse or underwrite goods and/or services advertised for sale or hire on any site in our listings, and cannot be responsible for the content of external sites linked to by sites in our lists.

  humberto1 22:03 14 Jan 2004

Had a long think about it and I decided to spend a small amount on a script that will help keep links updated easier and to give it that little bit of interactivity. It has taken me 5 days to get this done and I still have loads more of categories to add.

I have been joining free link exchange programs, do you recommend this?


  PurplePenny 22:35 14 Jan 2004

Methinks that you did a cut and paste of FE's suggested wording. No problem except that there's a blank line missing on here so on your site you have point 3 as part of paragraph 2. You need to make it a separate <p>.


  humberto1 00:28 15 Jan 2004

Thanks for pointing that out. I did cut and paste as the editor offered to reword what I previously had, which was very bad! :(

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