is my web site hacked ?

  alan in spain 20:18 15 Oct 2003

i have just revamped my website using serif webplus 8, ( my previous version was made using webplus 6)
the problem is all my friends tell me that when they click to select one of my pages on the site, they get a pop up ad for porn,gambling.ebay etc.

this never happened b4 serif are yet to answer my submission to tech help and my isp is a spanish one and the technical language is always difficult with my limited spanish.

anyone have any clues?

alan in spain

  muppetmark 20:24 15 Oct 2003

how about a link to it ?

  alan in spain 20:28 15 Oct 2003
  VoG II 20:39 15 Oct 2003

I get pop-ups (if I set Google toolbar to allow them on your site). Nothing untoward, no porn.

  Belatucadrus 21:04 15 Oct 2003

A pop-up for a dating link via search anything, that links to the search anything page on dating. This is badly done as it's a fixed size window without scroll bars and the page is too big to fit in it. Plus another popup for Alliance & Leicester. irritating, but no porn.

  alan in spain 21:42 15 Oct 2003

what i need to know is can i stop this happening ? is it poor design of the site? have i done somthing wrong?

is the website poor ?

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