My very first web page!!

  JonnyTub 16:11 31 Aug 2004

I want to know your opinions please, bear in mind that it's my first and I was entirely sure what i was doing (with the site that is) i thought the format i chose was the easiest to follow, anyone got any constructive criticism, EASY ways to make it better and more understandable?

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There are a lot of pictures so dial up users i would like to know your opinion on this and also those who use the likes of opera, mozilla, netscape, etc.

Regards Jonny

  JonnyTub 16:13 31 Aug 2004

"bear in mind that it's my first and I WASN'T entirely sure"

sorry about the typo, there's probably loads on my site too :-)

  JonnyTub 17:39 31 Aug 2004

bump :-)

  Taran 18:16 31 Aug 2004

The concept is good and most of the delivery is pretty good too.

You might think about trying black text. I found the text colour hard on my eyes (I'm colourblind).

One very real issue is the size of your main images. They are huge, half a megabyte or so each.

You need to use an image editing program to resize them and save them optimised for the web. Even on broadband they take a while to load into the page and both horizontal and vertical scrolling are required to view them. Try resizing them in a graphics editor to about 400x600 pixels or thereabouts.

If you address the image size then the rest just needs minor tweaks really, so concentrate on that for now.

As a first attempt it has a lot in its favour and you've obviously spent some time on it.

Well done so far.


  Pesala 18:33 31 Aug 2004

Reduce the size of your images. They mostly seem to be 2048x1536 pixels and around 1 Mbyte. Reducing to 800x600 pixels and saving at medium quality (50 quality setting in Irfan View) reduced the file size to just 37 Kbytes.

The blue text would be better as black.

The Page Title could be something more descriptive than "Photo Gallery"

? The thumbnails would look better if they all aligned with the top of the paragraph text. The inline thumbnails ? could be as tiny as icons as long as they link to larger pics.

It might be good to put a bold DISCLAIMER heading at the top of the page, linked to the text at the bottom (which doesn't really need to be larger than the body text, but could perhaps be bold or blue (instead of black) or in a table cell to make it stand out more.

  JonnyTub 18:43 31 Aug 2004

working on it back soon.

  JonnyTub 19:36 31 Aug 2004

The edited page is uploading as we speak, I think I've ironed out most of the niggles you guys mentioned but not all as yet.

  JonnyTub 19:41 31 Aug 2004

I've also added a small avi video to show the recorder in action. Damn things still uploading even on 768kbps BB.

  JonnyTub 20:41 31 Aug 2004

ok it uploaded now minus the avi video as i don't have enough space left on my server. :-(

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  JonnyTub 22:10 02 Sep 2004

Will look into it Fe, thanks for your comments.

  MERKY 21:30 03 Sep 2004

I want to build my first web site using dreamweaver4.I would like to no the best display resolution to use.

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