My USB wont work - bitlocker error?

  Bob Jones 06:37 12 Jan 2017

A few months ago I bought a new 1tb usb from an online website. I recieved it in the mail and for the first five months it worked perfectly fine. The day after I got it I encrypted it with BitLocker to keep my data safe. Every time I used it a window would come up saying it had bitlocker and I would type in my password and it would unlock and work fine. However, last week I tried to use it and it never came up at all on the computer (not even in the disk drives list), so I tried it on three other computers and eventually I now get a drive in my computer, but I cannot open it. It appears transparent and whenever I open it, an error reads "Please insert a disk into drive 'I'. ". So all day I've been searching up solutions to fix the drive but have still come up with nothing. I have tried the following solutions:

  • I changed the drive letter to y:, it didn't make a difference.
  • I tried to format the drive by right-clicking on it and no window responds at all
  • I ran command prompt as an admin and did a drive clean by listing the drives, selecting the correct drive and cleaning and it just gives me the response "The system cannot find the file specified".
  • Another solution I tried was to go into Computer Management - Disk Management and found it there. it had a black bar all the way across on the selected drive and said it was "Unallocated". So I right-clicked and created a new simple volume and formatted it as an exFat (with all the space used) and again it just responded with "The system cannot find the file specified".

I have tried everything I can find and still the usb drive wont respond, now if i try copy anything onto it, the "The system cannot find the file specified" error repeats. I had already backed up all data off from it so I don't need anything on the drive, but is there anything else I haven't tried yet?


  Archonar 09:28 12 Jan 2017

Plug the drive in, and when it shows that the drive is there open the command prompt and type "diskpart". Then type "list disk", and a list of your disks will appear. Find the usb drive and type "select disk #" where # is replaced by the number of the disk. (eg. if it is disk 2 type "select disk 2"). Once it has selected that disk type "list part", then "list vol" and post screenshots of the last two commands and their results here.

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