My USB seems to be faulty

  ADAM47 12:27 05 Sep 2018

I bought a 500gb USB pen drive which is very small.I have been using it for small transfers and since I formatted my PC I gave my 500gb USB to my friend so he could give me GTA V.And after he returned my USB I copied GTA V to my PC and was shocked to see the game was only 38.6 GB while the game should be around 60-75 GB. I thought this was because of my friend so I formatted my USB and gave another it to some other friend who had GTA V and this time also the results same. The game was just 38.6 GB and I double checked it. And the shocking part was 451 GB was free out of 500 which meant file worth 60gb was in the USB. I don't know why this is happening and I have formatted my USB and enabled hidden files to be shown but the problem is there Please help me out and sorry for the long post

  KEITH 1955 22:00 05 Sep 2018

you are getting gta 5 "from a friend ? ", pirated ? , my add/remove icon says it is currently 79.6 gb , have you even tried to run it cos my legally purchased copy is 7 discs and as far i remember i think i got the last bits from the website to cut down piracy.

if you think the pen is faulty check the makers site to see if they even make a 500 gb pen, it could be a fake.

  ADAM47 02:40 06 Sep 2018

Internet is currently slow up to 300kbps so I tried to get from my friend and the pendrive looks more like a USB of a wireless mouse and don't have a manufacture written GTA V is supposed to be more than 60gb but inside my USB it's 38GB

  KEITH 1955 07:24 06 Sep 2018

Some files dont show their true size until after they are unzipped , regardless of what your pen says have you tried installing the game

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