my usb drive is not showing in my computer

  oslan 08:36 04 Jan 2017

Help My usb drive is not showing in my computer but its showing on my menu bar on desktop . Pls idea on to fix it will be greatly appreciated.

  Archonar 08:46 04 Jan 2017

If you type diskmgmt.msc into the search bar in the start menu and press enter - can you see the drive in that menu?

There are 2 parts to a usb drive - the controller and the actual 'storage area'. The controller is what manages the interface between the drive and the computer, and is what makes it show on your desktop taskbar. My Computer looks for the storage area and will not show the drive if it can only find the controller. It could be that the storage device is dead but the controller is fine, which would cause the symptoms you are describing.

  oslan 09:03 04 Jan 2017

Thanks Archonar for your prompt response. Is there any remedy to rectify it?

  Archonar 11:32 04 Jan 2017

I'm not sure there is much that can be done for a dead drive, does it show in diskmgmt.msc?

  Burn-it 15:17 04 Jan 2017

There is a program called Flash Recovery which is designed for accessing poorl drives. I don't think it is free though - I got it on a giveaway.

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