My Toshiba laptop just suddenly 'died'

  mec13 23:56 27 Jun 2006

Whilst doing a virus scan (AVG Free Addition)on my laptop which is a Toshiba Tecra M1, about half way through, the machine just suddenly 'died'. What happened there was a high pitched whirring noise, then everything went dead.

At the front of this machine a orange light flickered which seemed to have a sequence of 7-1 (I think). Some one told me remove/replace the battery, this sometimes 'sorts it out' alas no!

Talking to my workmates, all I get is ooohs, and welllll. To me that sounds expensive. Although just used for general home use, it didn't come cheap when originally purchased, so any reasonably 'cheap' ideas would be grateful.
note: warranty just expired :-(

  johnnyrocker 00:07 28 Jun 2006

so what stage does it boot up to at present? if any.


  SANTOS7 00:12 28 Jun 2006

A flashing orange light indicates a low battery charge. Have you tried your lappy connected to mains.
It may well be that your battery has discharged itself, try recharging battery and see what happens

  johndrew 14:53 28 Jun 2006

`there was a high pitched whirring noise`

Could it have been either your HDD or cooling fan? Neither making this sort of sound would be a good sign but it may be a starting point.

Is there any `smell` in your laptop? Hot or burned type.

I agree if you have a major `hang` removing/refitting the battery will clear it even when software shut down doesn`t work, but if it is a mechanical failure then no amount of battery fiddling will work.

If you have a `friendly` PC store nearby, or someone with a PC, you could try removing the HDD and seeing if it runs outside your laptop.

  mec13 23:08 28 Jun 2006

forgive my late responce, my laptop does not switch on at all, on battery or mains. There's no smell, in fact nothing, apart from this little orange light at the front of my machine which has a definate flashing sequence.

As for friendly PC repair shops, I didn't know any that existed, until you payed the bill of course. I do fear the worst, and accept the fact that major repairs is a probability.

All I can do at the moment is look at it, hoping some self repair or cure appears,going into the machine's bowels is a no go for me

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:18 28 Jun 2006

Remove battery and run laptop on mains only, does it boot or come out of hibernation?

  mec13 00:57 29 Jun 2006

nothing at all Fruit Bat /\o/\, what does happen is when the battery is removed the orange light goes out obviously. But be it on mains only, or with the battery refitted, as soon as the button to switch on is pressed, the orange light starts blinking.

On closer inspection the symbol next to this light looks like a 'Power Cable'

  Jak_1 01:04 29 Jun 2006

Do you get any BIOS beeps?

  terryf 01:05 29 Jun 2006

I would look in your locality for a computer shop that sells computers built to order, they are likely to have a tech guy on the premises who would give you better advice that a shop that would 'send it away for repair, sir'

  Kev.Ifty 01:13 29 Jun 2006

The 'Orange light syndrome' maybe significant. I have looked on the Toshiba Forum but can't see anything for your machine.

click here

May be you can find some help there.

Cheers Kev

  mec13 01:26 29 Jun 2006

Jak_1, no beeps, nothing but black screen and, I keep repeating myself, blinking orange light.

Anyway look at the time, it's well past my bed time.

terryf, I agree, a visit to a computer 'techi' is probably the best way to go, I fear some internal mechanical failure of something. Looks like my plastic card will be in need again. Thanks to you all for trying.

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