My temp folder can you advise me please?

  Sneeze1 20:56 15 Nov 2014

Can you help me please. I typed %temp% - and then press enter and I notice there's a lot of files in my temp file. If I delete them all, will it effect my pc's performance please?

Also I have been told that if I download CC cleaner that can help. Where is the best place to get it please?

File hippo or Periform?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:18 15 Nov 2014

Download CCleaner from Filehippo and it will clean out all you unwanted temporay files.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:19 15 Nov 2014

Here is a quick explanation of CCleaner's features.


Using the Cleaner window (the default window when you launch CCleaner), you'll notice several checked boxes that indicate which areas of your computer will be cleaned. Most of the boxes are checked by default, so pay close attention if you only want to scrub certain areas. Tabs at the top offer the ability to clean Windows areas and other applications. Switching between the two tabs allows you to make your choices for a customized cleaning.

When you're done with your settings, click the Analyze button on the lower left to see which items will be cleaned. You'll see every file CCleaner will delete and also exactly how much memory will be returned to your system after the cleaning.

Note: It pays to peruse this list before hitting the Run Cleaner button to make sure you're not deleting something important. When you're ready, hit Run Cleaner and watch CCleaner go to work.


Click the Registry button on the left side of the interface to bring up another set of checked boxes. This set of tasks does everything from eliminating unused file extensions to trashing obsolete software. Uncheck the boxes you don't want to scan and click the Scan for Issues button. At the end of the scan you'll be given the option to click the Fix Selected Issues button. Recommend tick all except Run at start up.

Note: It is highly recommend you save your current Registry configuration at the prompt in case of a malfunction later. An additional window will ask if you wish to fix specific items. If you know of a specific item in the list that is not a problem, simply tell CCleaner not to fix it by unticking the box. Remember, if you save your configuration beforehand a mistake here is easily reversible.


Uninstall - Windows comes with its own Add or Remove Programs utility, but it's often slow to load and not the easiest Control Panel item to configure. CCleaner quickly lists all of your active programs, and lets you highlight and uninstall software you no longer want. This part of the program utilizes tools already included in Windows, but the convenience and speed for quick uninstallations is tough to beat.

Startup manager - To manage your start-up programs, click the Startup button under the Uninstall button in the upper left of the interface. You'll see a list of active start-up items that launch when you boot up your system. Be very careful here: some items are not immediately identifiable and you wouldn't want to shut down your firewall, antivirus program, or any other important program.

System Restore - This will show you all the restore points on your machine (they can take up a lot of space), the latest one is greyed out so you cannot remove it . To remove any or all of the others just highlight the restore point listed and click on the Remove button.

Drive Wiper - Here you have the option to "erase" an entire drive or just the freespace on a drive. What happens is CCleaner overwrites the drive / space with zeros making the data unrecoverable. In the security box you have the option to select how many time CCleaner will write over the space / drive, 1 is sufficient for normal use, 3 will stop data recovery programs from finding anything, 7 is secure from anyone expect CSI and 35 is just paranoid.

Note the bigger the drive / larger number of passes the longer it will take.


Settings - Allows you to set language and other options. Run at startup will wipe your temp files and user history eveytime you log on.

Cookies - Lists cookies to be deleted if you want to keep certain cookies because they hold log in details for your favourte sites then just highlight the cookie and click the right arrow key to move into the right hand column.

Include - Allows you to add folders, that are not in CCleaners default list, that you need deleteing everytime CCleaner runs.

Exclude - Allows you to add folders that may be in the default list that you do not want CCleaner to remove.

Advanced - Lets you select / deselect options advanced users may decide to untick things like warning messages and backup prompts.

Once you've run through the entire cleaning process, don't be surprised if your computer runs a bit faster.

Depending on the capacity of your hard drive, you'll also free up a shocking amount of space if you haven't run a program like CCleaner recently.

  lotvic 22:12 15 Nov 2014

Deleting the contents of the %Temp% folder will not affect your pc's performance. They are Temporary files (no longer needed by whatever program put them there), however using the manual method - (not CCleaner) the files will not be deleted as such, they will be put into your Recycle Bin and will stay there until you empty it.

  alanrwood 10:31 16 Nov 2014

Download from

This is the originators site. Watch out though for the added program that you need to untick when installing it so pick Custom install.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:43 16 Nov 2014

There are no added programs if download from Filehippo the tick boxes are only options for adding a start menu ico and desktop icon etc.

  Sneeze1 11:48 16 Nov 2014

Thanks for your replies. CC cleaner looks a bit complicated so I am going to have to get help with that, incase I bugger up my PC.

Deleting the contents of the %Temp% folder will not affect your pc's performance. They are Temporary files (no longer needed by whatever program put them there),

So my computer will run as normal even with all these files cleared out and gone?

Sorry to ask, just worried I could make things worse.

  lotvic 12:07 16 Nov 2014

The files are Temporary, sometimes the program that put them there has not quite finished with some of them. That is not a problem as those can't/won't be deleted and you'll get a popup to tell you.

When I clear out my W7 %Temp% folder by bulk selecting its contents and then pressing Delete on keyboard - it starts and then on any it can't delete I get a popup telling me that "file in use" and I can then click on 'Skip' for that file, and then it carries on with the rest of them. I've never had any problems when clearing out my Temp folders.

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