My system has shut itself down twice?

  STEVE71163 07:27 12 Jul 2003

I have an xp2000 pc with windows xp home and over the last week it has shut itself down twice because it says "To stop any damage to your pc" It says it could be a software or hardware conflict?? I have re started it in last known good configuration. Is this all i can do?

  powerless 08:12 12 Jul 2003

Start > Control Panel > System > Advanced > Settings (third one) > Remove tick from "Automatically Retstart" Click ok.

Next time it happens a blue screen should appear write down all the info. Post it back on here.


Start > Run > Type:


Click ok. Look at application and system logs for ERRORS. Click this error at the bottom their should be a link where their maybe a fix for your problem - Click it.


Start > Run > Type:


Click ok. Click startup and remove the ticks from everything* This will tell you if its a conflict with the software running when the computer starts. Removing the ticks will prevent them from loading when the computer starts. To see what your stopping from starting click here

*If you have Antivirus and firewall you may want to keep the ticks in place - but as your trying to find the cause - it might be best to remove the ticks.

Was this an upgrade and did you run the compatibilty test?

When did this message start to appear, did you install any software, hardware, make a system change?

  powerless 08:13 12 Jul 2003

To rule it out try a System Resore...

Start Menu\Programs\Accessories\System Tools\System Restore

  -pops- 08:16 12 Jul 2003

If it's not as Powerless says, and in view of the hot weather over the past few days, it may be overheating.


  keith-236785 10:40 12 Jul 2003

it may also be a warning of possible hard disk failure, if your hard disk supports it, enable S.M.A.R.T in your bios, this will report if there is a problem with your disk, or at least rule it out, otherwise i would agree with -pops-

overheating maybe.

  Confab 11:10 12 Jul 2003

Mine did the same thing when one of the fans stopped working. I might be an idea to check that they are all working OK and that you don't have anything blocking the vents.

  STEVE71163 11:18 12 Jul 2003

Thanks for replys. I have done a system restore as two days ago i put frontpage 2003 beta on my system but kept 2002 as well and was warned that it could conflict having both on my pc at once. All seems ok now :0) I dont think it is overheating as i have a temperature gauge in my taskbar and it has hit 55c yesterday but for an athlon i dont think that is to hot.

  jbaker65 11:27 12 Jul 2003

Hi Steve, AMD's Data sheet for the Athlon says 'maximum working temperature-90degrees' so 55 is not terrible. In the present climate mine runs at 56-57 all the time but I've set the cut off point in Bios to 60 just to play safe. cheers, John.

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