My Start Up "Explorer 64 bit" has disappeared

  jonem81 08:26 12 Mar 2013

My Start Up "Explorer 64 bit" has disappeared after I updated from IE 9 to IE 10! I just have "Windows Explorer" now, so does that mean the update removed the "64 bit" from my Start Up list, and if so does it mean that when I click on "Windows Explorer", it IS actually 64 bit? jonem81

  jonem81 09:19 12 Mar 2013

Don't think I gave a proper explanation of my topic: Here's another go........... I used to have a choice of either " Internet Explorer" or "Internet Explorer 64 bit" in my START menu. After I updated from IE9 to IE10, when I clicked on the "IE 64", the message followed: "The item you have selected is unavailable. It might have been moved, renamed or removed. Do you want to remove it from the list?" I have answered "No" to this, because I was not sure about that. I still can use the website because the "Internet Explorer" is in the list, and clicking on that gives me access to websites, but did updating remove the "64" item, because it was deemed no longer necessary? jonem81

  Number six 00:41 13 Mar 2013

I was also confused by this - assuming you are running windows 7 64-bit? I think in windows 8 you can still select which version you want to run.

However, I did find this which seems to offer a plausible explanation

click here

  rdave13 00:56 13 Mar 2013

In 8 I'm not sure which is the default IE as 'help' makes no difference within the browser. However I can start IE 10 through File explorer, 64-bit via program files and 32-bit via program files ( x86). The tile IE is 64-bit I believe.

Number six's find seems reasonable if you have any problems with activeX.

  Cymro. 17:18 13 Mar 2013

Thanks for the link Number six. I used the info. on it and all seems to be well with my system. Mind you I do still have 2 redundant IE Icons.

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