My Sony cd/dvd drive is not working

  ryangt 03:48 06 Oct 2008

I have a 4 year old dell inspiron 6000 it has a sony dvd + - RW DW56A drive.

I put in a cd, dvd, load cd, nothing works at all.

i can hear the laser moving back and forth inside almost like it cant make up its mind about what to do. The drive does not read at all, i check under my computer as well and it shows nothing..

i went thru the entire windows troubleshooter and read posts on this forum till i felt like dying and found nothing...

please help me out folks, i can reallly use the help.

  johndrew 10:06 06 Oct 2008

When you put your DVD/CD in, does the indicator light flicker/flash and the drive spin up?

If it does then you could check the connections to the drive and motherboard to ensure there is no bad connection and run a cleaning disk through the drive to ensure the laser heads are clean.

  Taff™ 12:05 06 Oct 2008

You say it doesn`t show in Windows Explorer which could be the registry filters. Try click here and select XP fixes in the left column then "Restore CD drives..." This sorts out the registry filters for the drives. Only for XP though. If both these suggestions fail I`d look to replace the drive. You can pick up a new one for less than £20 these days.

  ryangt 01:28 07 Oct 2008

I tried restoring the drives but it did nothing.....

On that site listed above about restoring drives, it says i have to be an admin on this computer. I am the owner of it, and noone else uses it, so is there any reason why i wouldnt be the admin??

A cd when placed in the drive, does not show up in the drive location as playable.

The drive itself does make noise, but you can clearly not hear the cd spin up. All you can hear is the laser sliding around in its carriage searching for something to read.

the drive worked fine a few months ago and i havent done anything to my computer, so i dont know what the deal is.

  Taff™ 07:56 07 Oct 2008

They do fail occasionally. Suggest you just buy another one.

  ryangt 13:38 07 Oct 2008

this is a forum for us absolute beginners correct?? I dont know how to replace a CD drive, this lap top is my only connection to the internet so i cant exactly take it apart. I also cant afford to have someone charge me a fortune to replace the drive.... What all goes into swapping one out?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:09 07 Oct 2008

What all goes into swapping one out?

depends on the make and model of laptop sometimes one screw and slide out, lots of instructions click here

  ryangt 21:00 07 Oct 2008

my computers particulars are in the top post, please let me know what goes into swapping one

  Taff™ 08:10 08 Oct 2008 This is the link for the manual and you can find the instructions on page 88. You may be able to inspect the drive and check if there are any traces of dust or fibres on the lasers which might be causing the problem.

  Taff™ 06:52 09 Oct 2008

Sorry duff link! click here

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