My son wants his own e mail address

  Fred the flour grader 13:37 10 Aug 2005

I have asked loads of questions in the helproom forum over the years, but I think this will be a good one to ask in here.

A recent visit from relatives in Sweden had my son asking if he can have his own e mail address that he can access on our computer at home.
I use Win98 se Outlook Express6 and on Broadband with Blueyonder.

I can see a section in the Blueyonder help section for creating a E mail account but am unsure if it means I will lose my own e mail address if I carry on and create one for him.

I think it is probably really simple to do, but I am worried about doing it wrong.

Any help much appreciated....reg Fred.

  pj123 14:08 10 Aug 2005

In OE. File, Identities, Add New Identity.

Follow the prompts.

Remember though OE always open with the last Identity used. And all users can see each others email.

  pj123 14:10 10 Aug 2005

Sorry should have added.

To switch identities go to File, Switch Identities and select which ID from there.

  tommy vercetti 14:32 10 Aug 2005

Hotmail is a good free email account and you can set it up in seconds and access it from anywhere

  Fred the flour grader 14:38 10 Aug 2005

thanks guys, does that mean though that he would have the same alias as me? I.E ***** or can he have a different one?

  Jackcoms 14:43 10 Aug 2005

If you choose to set up the address with Blueyonder, his address will be [email protected]

  scotty 15:23 10 Aug 2005


There is no problem with what you want to do. You can set up many accounts in OE (and they probably don't need to be with the same ISP). I have several accounts set up the way you describe. You receive mail for all of them and you can choose which account mail is sent from.

When you create a new message there is a dropdown menu to the right of the "From" line. If you have multiple accounts you select the one you want from the dropdown list.

  Forum Editor 19:04 10 Aug 2005

between an email account in Outlook Express - which is what you set up when you have an email address - and the actual email address. You can't set up the former until you have the latter.

If Blueyonder allow you to set up multiple email addresses then your son's address will indeed be as Jackcoms suggests - but you must set it up with Blueyonder first, before you do anything in Outlook Express. I'm not familiar with the Blueyonder system, but I imagine that like many other Internet service providers they allow you to add new addresses to your account online.

Once you have created the new address you can set up your son's account in Outlook Express. He'll have his own identity if he uses the same computer as you, so his email will be entirely separate - although each of you would be able to read the other's mail, simply by switching identities.

  Kev.Ifty 00:01 11 Aug 2005

You could use a Gmail email account.

If you would like an invite click on the envelope by my name and i will send you one.

Then Fred the flour grader 'Junior' can have a separate email address and his own password to boot ;-)


  p;3 00:36 11 Aug 2005

I could be wrong; but I understand that G mail is not such a good recommendation and has been giving problems

and, although the given praxctice seems to be to use outlook express or outlook to download and read ones mails; it should also be noted tham mails can be read on server ( wich I used to do)so all yu do is go to the server address and log in using your given user name and password and logiclly you can do than from any pc that allows web mail access; however, need to remember that the windows request to remember password should be declined to protect your identity:)

  dave_and_confused 10:27 11 Aug 2005

There are two things you need to do with Blueyonder.

1) Set up a new e-mail account.

2) Choose an alias.


1) Set up a new e-mail account

When you got your BY account you would have an account number like 001a2b123. The primary e-mail address will be [email protected].

What you need to do is go into Self Care - click here - and login with your user-name and password.

Go to the e-mail section and select "Add - edit - delete email aliases "

Click Add Mail-Box. Give it a password for your son. You will notice the new mailbox is called 001a2b123_1 (obviously with your account number instead of the made up one here) Further mail boxes (up to 5) will be called 001a2b123_2, 001a2b123_3 etc. These are your REAL e-mail addresses.

2)Choose an alias

Now each mailbox is an account in it's own right. Each Mail-Box can have an alias (a nicer name than 001a2b123) like Fred . Smith @ Click on the circle next to your sons account (001a2b123_2) and type in an Alias in the Add Alias box at the bottom. Click the Go button.

You should then see his Alias under his account.If the alias is already in use then it'll be rejected.

Then you can set up Outlook Express as described above.

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