my son has been hacked by "so called" MS support

  frenchman96 17:23 04 Oct 2015

Hi There

My son who is quite vulnerable, has been hacked by people pretending to be M/S. They have left him with a black scree, no desktop at all, and I cant even do a reformat for him. They also tried to take money from his bank account, but NW spotted it and prevented it.

I have been told that M/S will help free, but have tried twice and cannot understand them, and line seems bad.

Is there a M/S UK site

  onthelimit1 18:38 04 Oct 2015

I doubt that what they have done will prevent a reformat. What operating system was installed?

  lotvic 20:15 04 Oct 2015

It will cost a lot to use MS support, they don't do it for free and not at all if the pc is OEM installed (big manufacturers like Dell, HP etc).

IMHO all they would do anyway is talk you through a reformat back to factory settings.

If you post the details of the pc - manufacturer, model, and the operating system, and say whether or not the operating system came pre-installed, pca members will be able to tell you which keyboard buttons to press to start the recovery process and you can do it for free.

  spuds 20:27 04 Oct 2015

While waiting for any further help from a forum member, perhaps a quick look into the link provided might have a few answers worth reading click here

  frenchman96 08:13 05 Oct 2015

Hi Guys

MS will do it for free I think, especially once told he is a vulnerable adult, and their name (MS) is being mis-used.

It is Vista and as instructed, I made 3 recovery cds on purchase of HP pc.

I know how to do a reformat, done it many times, this time I cant

Hope this clarifies

  onthelimit1 08:48 05 Oct 2015

You say you can't do a reinstall. Does the laptop boot from the first recover CD?

  techtonic 14:26 05 Oct 2015

@frenchman96, you can try calling Microsoft UK's customer service on 0800 026 0330, explain your current predicament and enquire if they levy any charges for providing support.

From July 2015, calling a Freephone number (0800/0808/0500) through any cellular service provider is FREE.

  lotvic 18:04 05 Oct 2015

I did find the Microsoft online form to Report a technical support scam click here

  frenchman96 18:39 05 Oct 2015

Hi Guys

I was given online help from MS using live chat, on for an hour, what a waste of time.

I fixed it myself today using 1 disk, did a system restore instead of refoirmat.

Also sorted out with bank, so no harm done, thanks for all input.

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