My snowflakes are not falling!!

  [email protected] 10:08 16 Nov 2004

What am I doing wrong? using Netscape Composer, I go to HTML source and paste in the contents of the box found here
click here
but I do not get any snowflakes.
Also if it did work I'm not sure how to chane the bits as directed. Could somebody explain in as basic a fashion as possible?

  steve263000 10:21 16 Nov 2004

Have you copied and pasted just before the </body> tag? and have you got flash installed? I would think that when you do paste it in, you would be directed to the 24fun site where you could change your snowflakes. I will probably be corrected on this though!

  [email protected] 10:33 16 Nov 2004

Yes I copied before the tag, and I copied the whole thing (!) I don't knoiw if I have flash installed (beginner!)

  Taran 10:40 16 Nov 2004

Here is a working page for you to look at:

click here

You can download a copy of the file as a Zip archive from this link:

click here

You alter the script settings by editing some of the source code, as follows:


// Set the number of snowflakes (more than 30 - 40 not recommended)

var snowmax=35

// Set the colors for the snow. Add as many colors as you like

var snowcolor=new Array("#aaaacc","#ddddFF","#ccccDD")

// Set the fonts, that create the snowflakes. Add as many fonts as you like

var snowtype=new Array("Arial Black","Arial Narrow","Times","Comic Sans MS")

// Set the letter that creates your snowflake (recommended:*)

var snowletter="*"

// Set the speed of sinking (recommended values range from 0.3 to 2)

var sinkspeed=0.6

// Set the maximal-size of your snowflaxes

var snowmaxsize=22

// Set the minimal-size of your snowflaxes

var snowminsize=8

// Set the snowing-zone
// Set 1 for all-over-snowing, set 2 for left-side-snowing
// Set 3 for center-snowing, set 4 for right-side-snowing

var snowingzone=3


The code comments explain what to change and what the effect will be if you do.

If the page is not working in your browser, you may have to install an updated Java Runtime, or if you have Windows XP SP2 installed, it may be blocking the script as potentially harmful content.

You can get a Java update for your browser from this page:

click here

Minor changes to the source code should either be done using a good web authoring program, or a simple text editor like Windows Notepad.

  scotty 10:46 16 Nov 2004

Have tried out this script and it works. I used Notepad.
Place this before the script -





and this after the script -


<h2>Test page for snow flakes script</h2>



No doubt I will be accused of failing to follow the strict html conventions but it should let you try it.

To change the variables, look in the code where it says CONFIGURATION STARTS HERE and just edit the numbers.

  Taran 10:52 16 Nov 2004

This is a JavaScript so it doesn't rely on the Flash browser plugin. You can check to see if you have it and get an updated version of it at the Macromedia site click here just to keep yourself up to date on that front, but it doesn't require the Flash plugin to work.

To get the latest Flash plugin, scroll down the page on that last link to the section called 'Shortcuts' and click the link to 'Download Flash Player'.


  [email protected] 11:36 16 Nov 2004

Oh dear! I really don't know what I'm doing wrong!! I did the bit that Taran suggested and in "Normal" view I just got the words:-
Test page for snow flakes script
But no snowflakes (& I did change the background to blue so that they would show).
What exactly did you mean by "I used notepad" ?
At the moment I am
1. selecting all(entire contents of scrolling box on web page given) and copying
2. Opening composer and clicking on HTML Source Page
3.Pasting entire contnet of the box, directly above the bit that says, "</body></html> "
I don't have SP2 installed, I don't know anything about Java (XP HOme SP1 running)
The working page is great but I don't know what to do with it! (pity it isn't a downloadable animation I could cope with that!)
Consider me a challenge!!

  Taran 11:48 16 Nov 2004

Can you confirm the program you are using to edit the page ?

Is it NetScape Composer ?

From your last post, can I take it that the sample page I gave you the link for works, but that the code does not when viewed in 'normal' mode in your editor ?

If this is the case have you tried publishing the page or previewing it in your browser ?

Many small web editing programs fall down when trying to preview intensive JavaScripts like this one. To preview them properly they have to have a good browser built into the editor, and if you are using NetScape Composer you have it the other way around - a reasonable browser with an editor built in.

The safest thing to do is try to publish the page and then view it in your browser to check the results. If the sample page I linked to displays OK but your preview page in your web editor does not, that points to the web editing program and not to something you are doing (you'll be relieved to know).

You can publish your page to a local location (local meaning to a folder on your pown hard drive, not to a web host online). Once published, open the page into your favourite browser and see what happens.

As if by magic...


  [email protected] 12:01 16 Nov 2004

The sample page opens in IE6, which is my default browser. I don't have an MS web page design package, so I use Composer on a WYSIWYG basis, which is easy for a beginner (and was free).
I didn't do anything with the sample page other than view it.
If I paste the script into the HTML page I get nothing in Normal or Preview mode, if I do what scotty suggested I get the words
html> Test page for snow flakes script
In both normal and preview mode.
I would try the publishing thing but (ashamed to say) I don't know how to do it :(

  [email protected] 12:29 16 Nov 2004

PS Tried publishing as a listing page in Ebay- Blue Background no snowflakes!

  Taran 12:35 16 Nov 2004

In Composer, click on Help, then click on About. It will tell you in there who makes the program, which version it is and so on. It would help to know that information.

Since I'm not sure which program you are using, we'll do things another way.

Right click on your desktop and select New, Folder then give the folder a name that you will remember, somthing like Snow is fine.

Now, go back to this web link:

click here

Click on File.

Click on Save as.

When the 'Save Web Page' dialog box opens with alist of locations to save in, click the Desktop icon on the left hand side of it.

A list of folder and icons on your desktop is displayed in the right hand panel of the save window.

Double click on the folder you created a few moments ago to open it.

Click on the Save button to save the web page.


The alternative method to the above is to download the sample Zip file from this link:
click here

Right click on the Zip file, select Extract all and choose the location to extract to.


Whichever way you did things, you should now have a folder, somewhere on your computer with the working web page in it.

Open up this folder, right click on the original file, select Copy, then right click on an empty part of the folder background and select Paste.

You should now have two files in your folder, one with a name that starts 'Copy of'.

Open up Composer.

Click on File.

Click on Open.

Use the browse dialog box to browse to and find the web page you saved or unzipped.

Select it and open it.

Make any changes you like, save the document, then open the folder, double click the file to open it into your browser and see the results.

If things go wrong you can always delete the file you've been playing with and make another copy to work on, preserving your original.

Any errors that come up would be worth noting. It could well be that the program you are using is somehow altering the JavaScript itself when you are adjusting page background colours and whatnot.

Hope that sets you on the right path.

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