My site,

  monkon2 19:43 09 Apr 2004

this is my first personal site, honest opinion please, took 12 hrs to build

i know the web name is rubbish but hey, the space is free!

  PurplePenny 22:09 09 Apr 2004

That was fun! I'm a sci-fi nutcase - but then I knew that aready :-)

Took a while for the opening to get started (I'm on dialup) but at least the Enterprise was more amusing than "loading....."

<<*>> (B5 jumpgate opening)


  monkon2 22:13 09 Apr 2004

thanks! i hoped it would be good fun, i hope to add more questions and other stuff as time progresses bu t pass it on to others and let us know what they think!

  whatsupdoc 22:17 09 Apr 2004

nice one. havent seen space invaders in 20yrs.

  james55 23:21 09 Apr 2004

I haven't played games since the old Spectrum days, but ended up getting hooked.


  monkon2 00:43 10 Apr 2004

ive just added a chat room, surprised at how easy it was, might be a crowd puller, who knows?

  slowhand_1000 01:20 10 Apr 2004

W98se / IE 5.5

All we get is 'WS Sci-Fi Challenge' on a black background. With an old Star Trek background sound.

  monkon2 01:37 10 Apr 2004

should be a link that says enter. perhapd i set the page size up wrong and youo need to scroll down a bit? sorry for the hassle

also, i dont know too much about it but ie5.5 is quite old isnt it? maybe i havent made it old browser friendly!

any ideas?

  User-312386 08:58 10 Apr 2004

all i get is W'S SCI FI CHALLENGE and the enterprise going from left to right with a couple of stars

  slowhand_1000 10:42 10 Apr 2004

"also, i dont know too much about it but ie5.5 is quite old isnt it?"

Not too sure about that. I'm sure there must be quite a few people still using it.

  monkon2 11:22 10 Apr 2004

i could do with some suggestions here, ive had various friends with various browsers check this out and it all seems to work, so im stumped, i appreciate people telling me about this and i hope i can get it sorted out

cheers in advance for any advice on this

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