my shit is busted some one help

  FVanz 13:53 15 Oct 2015

so i was on origin trying to play bf4 when windows defender said run virus scan so i did then origin closed. i went to open it again but it said it was missing a .dll file i downloaded one from the web and now i can open origin. but when i try to go to the store it says no connection but i have my LAN plugged in this also happened with steam, but the thing is i can still play online just not access the store without getting an error or no connection. i also can't go on chrome it just comes up with nx_domain i tried to fix it myself but still wont work can someone help thanks. also before all this i started getting pop up adds in steam and origin.

  Nontek 14:30 15 Oct 2015

ok so a packet of Andrex only cost a couple of quid at asda.

  chub_tor 16:23 15 Oct 2015

FVanz, that is not a title to get people rushing to help you, very crude and abrupt BUT it seems your problem started with the original message "run virus scan". Did you do so and what was found? Did Defender remove the virus?

Do you have a restore point that you can go back to before this incident happened?

Downloading dlls from the internet can be fraught with danger it is better to run scannow click here and let Windows repair itself.

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