my shift key doesn't want to work anymore

  Jimmy Splash 16:59 14 May 2006

got a compaq pressario v4305

have had it about 4 months now. sometimes, the shift key decides to fail both on the left and right side. are there any known programs that have affected the use of shift keys?

or is it a trip back down to pc world?

  Taff™ 17:16 14 May 2006

Can you reload the keyboard drivers click here

  pj123 18:24 14 May 2006

What doesn't it do that you want it to do?

  Jimmy Splash 18:33 14 May 2006


i can't get capital letters or puncuatition marks. both shift keys are failing me
very very frustrating
unfortunately, the other reply's link didn't solve anything

  pj123 18:46 14 May 2006

Have you tried an external keyboard?

But at 4 months old I would suggest it goes back under the warranty.

  Taff™ 19:09 14 May 2006

I suspect that pj123`s suggestion is the best option. The keyboard on a laptop is connected to the motherboard by a small ribbon cable. If that has become loose it may produce the symptoms you are taling about. PC World`s technicians should be able to check this out.

If they suggest returning it to the manufacturer ask them to back up the data first(FOC of Course) - If they offer to replace the computer you again need them to transfer your data.

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