My sent E-mails being blocked - alleged spam

  Trikie 21:04 04 Sep 2016

For several years I have been sending a weekly e-mail ride report to 60 people using a contact list.

Last week and today I've had this message about 5 of them

*This is the mail system at host know-smtprelay-2-imp. I am sorry to have to inform you that your message, "Easyride 3rd September",* *could not be delivered to (recipients e-mail address) The remote mail system said; 554:5.2.0 fXAp1t00H1Sj82Q01XApo4 Spam content found*

The message comes from mailer-daemon at

How can I identify what is causing this and stop it happening?

  difarn 21:46 04 Sep 2016

It may be that your account has been compromised. I would suggest that you change your password.

This article from the Virgin Media Community may help - there is also a link given so that you can report it.

click here

  Trikie 00:55 05 Sep 2016

Thanks. The article seems to be about spoofing but in my case I did send the e-mails.

I include myself in the contacts list to check that messages are OK and today one of the rejected e-mails was the one addressed to me. If it was some form of spoofing I would have expected to receive my genuine message but I haven't and so wonder if something was added to the rejected messages and the message is genuine.

The original messages are included as attachments which I don't open.

I will change my password as suggested.

  Trikie 12:01 05 Sep 2016

I copied the text of Saturday's e-mail that went to all my 54 contacts, including me (5 were rejected, including mine)and sent it to myself using my contact list address.This is an alias for my Virgin e-mail

It was rejected so I tried again using the ordinary (non alias) address and this has also been rejected. .

  Trikie 12:11 05 Sep 2016

Tried another tack. Forwarded the original report to 2 contact list names. Addressed individually as 2 separate messages - both rejected.

Does all this help to identify what's happening?

  alanrwood 12:39 05 Sep 2016

The emails that were rejected were not sent to addresses by any chance were they. I have had this problem several times with mailouts.

  Trikie 15:48 05 Sep 2016


Messages are my originals text only.No AOL, in fact the 2 separate ones were both to blueyonder.

Will try changing my IP address.

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