My SDHC card won't read in my laptop card slot.

  blackpat 09:31 08 Apr 2016

When I put my SDHC sandisk card in my laptop slot marked (SD/MMC-MS/PRO) it doesn't read it. My partner has a similar laptop with the same slot as mine and the SDHC card reads in hers perfectly. Any Ideas?

  hssutton 10:50 08 Apr 2016

have a read here certain high speed cards will not read in the earlier card readers. SDHC card readers

  Secret-Squirrel 11:50 08 Apr 2016

blackpat, hssutton is probably right - your laptop can't read the newer high-capacity SD cards. All is not lost though as you can buy a USB3 SDHC card dreader for just a few quid.

  blackpat 12:11 08 Apr 2016

Thanks a lot both. I have a usb reader that reads my SDHC card perfectly. I was just wondering why my laptop slot wouldn't read it. What puzzles me is that my partner and I both have Dell inspiron Laptops, hers is slightly older than mine and we both have SD/MMC-MS/PRO on the laptop slot and my card will read on hers but not mine. Thanks again both for your time. Regards Blackpat.

  Secret-Squirrel 12:26 08 Apr 2016

Can your laptop read regular SD cards OK? If it can't then perhaps the reader is faulty. If it can then my hunch is probably correct.

I see your point though about your laptops being similar.

  blackpat 14:02 08 Apr 2016

I tried 2 ordinary SD cards and they don't work either. Like you, I think I've got a faulty reader. No big deal, because as I said, I can use the usb reader. Just nice to know. Many thanks SS for all your help. Regards Blackpat.

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