My sd/flash drives defaulting to incorrect size

  Adam Herbst 21:49 29 May 2017

Hello! So Lately I've been having a problem with almost all my removable drives, doesn't matter size, make or type really. Most are showing as less than their actual capacity. - I have tried the sd formatter tool and this guy's youtube video: click here with no luck.

I don't see how this is happening to multiple drives though! Did I change a setting? I do use mostly linux and some windows.

Any help would be awesome!


  Archonar 09:18 30 May 2017

How much less are they showing? It is normal for them to show slightly less than their capacity. The method in that YouTube video is, as far as I know, a foolproof method of restoring the drive to it's full capacity, so unless you have done something to your drives that may be as big as they will get.

  Adam Herbst 16:52 01 Jun 2017

That is so weird! They are showing probably a tench of actual capacity. That is disheartening! I didn't do anything to them, this is just kind of randomly happening.

Thanks anyway!

  Adam Herbst 17:53 01 Jun 2017

Tenth of actual capacity*

  lotvic 18:16 01 Jun 2017

A tenth? First thought is decimal points, maybe GB MB KB? Give an example of the capacity that is shown and what it should be.

  Burn-it 23:36 01 Jun 2017

You might also give the make,model, and size of the drives and what OS you are using.

  Burn-it 23:37 01 Jun 2017

Also what file system they are using.

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